Technology use in the classroom.

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Research examples of technology use in the classroom.  You may find video examples, articles, lesson plans, or other examples that specifically highlight use of technology in the classroom.  This assignment is deliberately open-ended in order to give you freedom to explore topics and/or media that are of most interest and relevance to you.  However, consider the NETS-T in making your choices.  Look for examples that demonstrate educator implementation of the NETS-T.

  1. Submit one to three examples.  Make sure that each of the following is represented in at least one of the lesson plans.
    • Use of hardware/devices (e.g. iPads, iPods, computers, interactive white boards, ELMO, student responders).
    • Use of software or content apps (e.g. Accelerated Reader, Compass Learning, Study Island, IXL, First in Math, MyOn).
    • Use of productivity and/or creative software (e.g. Microsoft Office, iMovie, Pages, Keynote)

    Technology integration does not necessarily exist in isolation, so you may find a lesson that includes more than one of the uses listed above, which is why the prompt allows you to submit from one to three examples.  For example, you could submit three separate lesson plans, that each include only one of the technology integration areas below, or one single lesson plan that includes all three, or one lesson plan with hardware/device integration and another than includes a content app and productivity software, etc.
  2. For each lesson plan you submit, write a short (two to three paragraph) reflection on the integration of technology into the lesson.  Do you think the integration is effective?  Why or why not?  In what ways does the technology use support the learning?  Use the NETS-T to justify your analysis.

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