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1. In conducting an environmental scanning exercise, the ____ involves operations within the organization. (Points : 1)  task environment
 internal environment
 social/global environment
 natural environment

2. Porter’s five competitive forces (Points : 1)
 do not apply to the resort industry since the competition within the industry is unique
 is not impacted by social capital or regional resources
 focus on experiential service products
 are faced by all industries, including resorts

3. In conducting an environmental scanning exercise, the ____ considers the impact of national policies and societal trends. (Points : 1)
 task environment
 internal environment
 social/global environment
 natural environment

4. Waikiki initially began as a resort catering to the wealthy. The arrival of ___ changed their focus and it evolved to the resort location it is today. (Points : 1)
 Elvis Presley
 the Internet
 World War II
 jet airliner travel

5. Which of the following are objectives in resort operations? (Points : 1)
 Making a profit
 Developing an attentive and skilled workforce
 Becoming a sustainable operation
 All of the above

6. In today’s environment, the term “spa” typically signifies a health resort or service. The term is derived from (Points : 1)
 the ancient Greek city of Sparta
 the Spanish town of Spabadell
 the Roman god of health, Spartecles
 the town of Spa in Belgium

7. Tourists have greater latitude in their vacation choices due to (Points : 1)
 global climate changes
 advances in technology
 access to the Internet
 increasing prosperity and tourism options

8. The Family Life Cycle Theory (Points : 1)
 reflects the changing socio-economic circumstances within households
 follows a typical nuclear family through its stages of growth and change
 is a complex specification of family life
 all of the above

9. Resorts combine the elements of _____ which makes them distinctive in the tourism industry. (Points : 1)
 superior lodging and dining facilities
 recreation attractions to draw guests and activities to occupy them
 recreation attractions to draw guests and superior lodging facilities
 activities to occupy guests and superior dining facilities

10. The resort industry’s future involves (Points : 1)
 a collaboration between business and government
 a prediction of future guests’ desires and what the environment and society will permit
 an analysis of past guest activity and spending
 an understanding of the demographics of the resort’s primary guests

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