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Injuries This week you have been exploring the large number of injuries that occur as a result of accidents or violence. After reviewing the resources for this week, select a specific type of injury. It may be occupational, intentional, or unintentional. Do not choose motor vehicle accidents, as they are covered extensively in the Moeller textbook After researching the injury you selected, please respond to the following • • • • Describe the public health significance of this injury, validating its importance with statistics and references. Remember to use both in-text citations and APA references at the bottom of your response. Consider the Haddon diagram and apply the concepts of pre-event, event, and postevent to the injury you selected. Specifically, provide one example each of a key event or action for pre-event, event, and postevent, and suggest how the outcome could be altered by an intervention at that phase. Which level of intervention appears to be the most effective for this injury, and why? Support your answer with comprehensive details and sources. Support your discussion by citing at least one primary research article. ...
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