Annotated bibliography on the subject of Baroque

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write an annotated bibliography on the subject of Baroque which includes 5 or 6 sources, and three paragraphs on each source that explain and illustrate the source's ideas 

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Annotated bibliography on the subject of Baroque
Castedo, Leopoldo, and Phyllis Freeman. A History of Latin American Art and Architecture:
from Pre-Columbian Times to the Present. Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, 1969.
In this article, Castedo defines the term Baroque in detail, explaining its origin as a one
differentiating the life and humanity culture. He explains the existence of Baroque and how it
was against the Christian man from the Greek. It shows how man started thinking in his own way
instead of following Gods creation. A new approach was discovered by man on how to shape his
destiny. This was by doing architect of his own.
He further goes to explain the inventions of Baroque around the world. How Europe came up
with the ideas and how it was expressed. How it was more than a beautiful phenomenon.
According to Castedo after viewing how ideas in Europe were expressed he concludes that the
baroque art originated from Spain. During the revolution of Baroque details on how it was
accepted in America with a Spanish spirit are given. In Latin America the artistic expression
came as a result of the people trying to find their true identity.
The information in this article is important as it highlights how baroque was accepted in Latin
American. The chapters explain how the people of Latin American thought of themselves and
came up with art which makes them make better expressions. The information given could be


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