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This class will consists of a series of 5 different podcasts from "Restaurant Owners Uncorked." in a discussion board format. I will pick and chose the 5 that we are to discuss since they do not come out weekly on a consistent basis. You are to listen and reflect your thoughts, what you learned that may have been surprising or new to you, and what stood out to you. You can find this on the podcast app on a smart phone, computer,and other devices. These guys interviewed several restaurateurs and I find the stories all very fascinating. This will be graded according to the grading rubric you were introduced to during the BIO Sketch. You are to do a 250 word minimum on your initial post the podcast & 2 comments on each video or podcast (typically Thurs 8pm-Sunday 8pm). Hopes this helps clarify this portion of your class.

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EPISODE 25: Kenneth Cribb is one of the owners of Willy Taco in Spartanburg, S.C. and he's one of the hardest working owners I've ever come across. I had the honor filming him for our video series, and he worked his tail off all day, from busing tables to filling water glasses to running food to coaching his team members to a dozen other things, and he did it with genuine passion and enthusiasm. In this interview, we talk about his leadership style, working in the business and on the business, why being closed on Mondays is important to Willy Taco's success, the market research he and his four partners did, the balance of veteran wisdom and youthful energy he and his partners share, and why he views snow days as a win for his restaurant. Enjoy...

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https://vimeo.com/channels/restaurantownersuncorked/94755473 (Links to an external site.)


"Every good restaurateur is a student of the game" (Links to an external site.)

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Food and beverage management assignment
Kenneth Cribb is one of the hard-working restaurant owners I have ever seen. He is
among the owners of Willy Taco, a restaurant located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. What
is new to me is that he welcomed customers into the restaurant, carried tables, served meals,
and drinks to the customers. The resta...

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