ENGL110 HU Week 3 Information Technology & Education Presentation


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Speech Assignment: Informative Speech-Topic: “How Information Technology Enhances Education.”

Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In this assignment, you will write a speech that provides your audience information about a topic. Your presentation will be submitted in the form of a Power Point presentation. Your speech should be a minimum of 1000 words long, including the total from the Power Point slides, and the text of your speech in the Notes section of Power Point.

Your speech should include an introduction which identifies your main point, a body in which you provide support for your main point, and a conclusion that wraps up your presentation and says something about the significance of what you’ve presented, just as you would do in a paper.

  • PURPOSE: To inform
  • LENGTH: 1,000 words
  • SOURCES: Total of 3, with 1-2 from the Library and 1-2 from discipline specific websites
  • FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline and is appropriate for a speech

**Remember that all work submitted is to be your own original work except where properly acknowledged and cited. Do not reuse work, papers, or speeches from previous (or concurrent) classes as this violates APUS academic integrity policies. **

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Education is a very essential way of gaining knowledge
and expertise. Most importantly education is more than
just learning from books. It is a way through which life
wisdom can be transmitted from a generation to another.
Since there is a continuous change in the world today
there is a need to train experts who can understand and
solve modern crises in society.

Introduction cont.
Since education is regarded as life and not just a way
for preparing for life there is a greater need to get a
proper education. To achieve this it is important to
integrate education with information technology to
transform learning. When this is done there will be an
advancement in the student –educator relationships,
enhanced collaboration in learning and channel learning
to meet the learner's needs.

Evaluation of a learners work is a key part of all teachers .they
have to check whether there is an understanding on the part of
a student, similarly leaders must know that overall progress so
as to aid in a collective planning for the school and work
.additionally, when a assessments are done via a technology it
helps reduce the periods, resources and interferences with
learning .technological tools can also assist teachers during
evaluation and coaching....

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