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Components of a Grant Proposal

  1. The Abstract/Executive Summary/Introduction section of a grant proposal is one of the first parts of the proposal that a funder will read. Justify why this section of the proposal is so important and explain some important things to remember to ensure that this section of the proposal is as effective as possible.
  2. The Needs/Problem Statement is an important part of a grant proposal. Explore how an individual writing a grant can make sure that they avoid circular reasoning with this aspect of a grant proposal.
  3. Another important component of a grant proposal is the Program Design/Methods/Strategies section. It is important that this section contains information that is reliable and valid. Determine how an organization can ensure that the information in this section of a grant proposal is both reliable and valid.
  4. The Other Funding/Sustainability section of a grant proposal provides a funder with crucial information related to the future of an organization. Illustrate why this section is so important to funders. In your answer, integrate examples of how organizations can prove their sustainability to funders.

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Components of a Grant Proposal
Introduction/Abstract/Executive Summary
This is one of the first components of a grant proposal, which a potential funder will read.
Basically, an executive summary is a brief overview of what a potential funder will read in the
full grant application. Interestingly, it is recommended that the executive summary should be
written after all the other parts of the grant proposal have been completed. The abstract describes
the existing community problem as well as the proposed solution. The executive summary is
important because it justifies the need for funds, by giving the funders a clear idea of how their
funds will be spent. The executive summary presents an organization’s mission, and how it is in
line with the objectives of the potential funder (Chung et al, 2008).
Problem statement
The problem statement presents the purpose of a grant ...

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