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This is an individual, two part assignment.  Review the following scenario, and then follow the instructions below to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the assignment.

Scenario :-
Assume that you have been hired as a business ethics consultant by the head of the Human Resources team at a small public company called WMBD, Inc. WMBD  stands for "We Make Bad Decisions."
WMBD's head of HR, Hope Roowend, was in the same MBA program you graduated from, and she knows that you took an ethics class and loved the topic so much that you created an entire consulting firm based on ethical business practices.
When you talk with Hope, she tells you that she is really worried about the management team at WMBD. Apparently, the current six C-suite executives all grew up together and were fraternity brothers in college. Even though they are now in their late 30s, they still seem to spend a lot of time doing non-work activities that are concerning to Hope.
For example, Hope tells you that she has received reports from lower level employees that they have seen the C-suite executives in several bars drinking as a group and acting badly (loud, flirty with girls, drunk). In addition to that, Hope is concerned that the CEO, Chuck E. Overbearing, may be having an extramarital affair with his administrative assistant (Ima Gonnesoo). Just today, she saw Ima crying in the women's restroom.  
Beyond these issues, Hope has just been notified that the executive in charge of Sales and Marketing (Sal Maleficent) has been accused of offering a bribe to a Foreign Official (who happens to be an executive at a telecom company in Eastern Europe that WMBD was pitching to).

Part 1

Hope needs you to prepare a ppt presentation for the WMBD Board of Directors, all of whom are mature, reasonable people who are also outside directors (none are employees of the company).  In this deck, you will need to address the following:

What might happen to WMBD (what is the risk to the company) if the executives continue to go out to bars and drink too much?

What might happen to the company if the CEO really is having an affair with his admin?

If the allegations of bribery are accurate, what are the ramifications?

How can you get the message across so that they will really hear you?

From an ethical standpoint, and assuming you will ultimately have a VERY large budget to execute your recommendations, what would you suggest that WMBD do overall? Firing of executives? Training of all employees? Changing the C-suite in some way? Disseminating documents to employees? Hiring you to handle these issues? The possibilities are endless here -- please be creative!

How might you help the executives to make ethical decisions going forward? What suggestions would you have to help them build moral character?

Please consider everything we have addressed in this class (via readings, watchings, discussions, etc.).

Consider the culture you would want for this company, what the slide template and font should look like, etc. 

  • Part 2
  • Draft an email (that you will upload for this assignment) that is the cover for the deck you are emailing to Hope prior to your BoD presentation. You will want to thank her for the opportunity, summarize your thinking and recommendations, and get some feedback from her on the slides prior to you coming in to meet with the BoD. 

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Name of the
The company is
known as WMBD,
Inc. which stands
for "We Make Bad

Issues facing the

Drinking in bars.

Flirting with girls.


Issuance of bribes.

Risk to the company due to excessive alcohol
intake by executives
Poor relationships among workers in the...

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