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Write a program to place an order from the restaurant menu shown below. Use the form shown below as a guide and write the program so that each group box is invisible and becomes visible only when its corresponding check box is checked. After the button is clicked, the cost of the meal should be calculated. (Note: The Checked property of the first radio button in each group box should be set to True in its Properties window. This guarantees that a selection is made in each visible group box. Of course, when the cost of the meal is calculated, only the visible group boxes should be considered.) Burgers Regular (4.19) w/ Cheese (4.79) w/ Bacon (4.79) w/ Bacon and Cheese (5.39) Fries Small (2.39) Medium (3.09) Large (4.99) Drinks Soda (1.69) Bottled Water (1.49) Be sure to include the following: • Descriptive names for all controls used in code • Appropriate comments for all methods • Constants where needed • Include an Exit button Add the following comments at the top of the code page. Name Class and Section (CS 165 02) Assignment (Program 04 Chapter 04) Due Date (see above) Description of the Program In order to receive credit for this assignment, do the following: • Create a folder with the following name: Assign04Chapter 04 Extra Credit – 5 points Use a List Box for output and display all items purchased with the total price.
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