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Project 3: Research Summary Detailed Description

Research Summary Project Description

Research in the workplace solves a problem. Tasked with a problem in the workplace, you may be asked to gather the information necessary to fully understand the issue at hand, solve that problem (or offer potential solutions), prove that your solutions are viable, and/or test your solution(s). Doing this work requires different types of research that go beyond simply querying a library database or using Google. You often will need to speak directly to target populations and audiences, and directly contact resources and experts in different professions and in the community. You also may need information in addition to or instead of scholarly resources. Local and national journalism may add context and perspective. Professional experts, government agencies, state and local authorities all may be relevant sources, as are individuals in target populations. Essentially, research in the workplace requires you to think critically and creatively about

  • The type of information you need; and
  • The best way to get that information.

Your job as a researcher is to address, explain, and/or solve a problem using the most relevant and applicable methods and resources. If a resource can supply information you need, then it is the right resource for the job.

It’s also important when thinking about a problem your researching to keep in mind that you probably aren’t the first person or organization to deal with this issue. Look at other organizations, groups, or communities negotiating the same or similar issue. Research how those groups describe and deal with the problem. The perspective of experience is invaluable to your work.


This project asks you to do workplace research into a local problem impacting USF or the surrounding community. Your goal for this project is to describe the problem in detail using as much information as you can gather from as many different sources as are useful. That means you are looking at research gathered by others (e.g., government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional and academic experts), but also you will gather your own data by contacting experts and asking impacted population for their perspective. You will produce a memo that reports your findings, giving readers a robust understanding of the problem you have researched.


Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Engage with a problem-based scenario similar to those found in the workplace
  • Develop research skills appropriate for addressing a specific problem
  • Integrate research into a project deliverable
  • Develop professional and technical writing and editing skills
  • Practice writing for a specific purpose and audience
  • Produce a specific genre of professional discourse (informational report)

To complete this project, you will choose a local problem occurring at USF or in the community. You can select a problem from the list below, or pick your own problem of a similar nature.

Sample Problems:

  • What is the optimal register layout for Starbuck’s at USF to reduce lines and wait time?
  • What is the optimal speed limit for roads on the USF Tampa campus to reduce accidents and delays?
  • Which brand of battery will best serve the needs of USF’s Digital Media Commons for their equipment that takes video/photographs underwater?
  • Which internet browser performs the most efficiently for an organization with tens of thousands of users (such as USF)?
  • Electric car charging stations at USF campuses

Once you have selected a problem, you will research the problem, to include the following topics:

  • Background information: Put the problem in context. What does the audience need to know to understand why the problem is a problem?
  • Explanation of the problem: Describe the problem in detail. What is happening?
  • Causes of the problem: Describe the factors contributing to the problem’s occurrence. Why is the problem happening?
  • Impacted Population: Describe the people most directly impacted by the problem. Who is the problem happening to?

To conduct your research you may wish to use any of the following methods and resources, or anything else that helps you explain the scope of your problem:

  • Newspapers (local, university, national)
  • Reports from government agencies, universities, and/or NGOs
  • Scholarly research
  • Facts and statistics compiled by government agencies and/or NGOs
  • Interviews with experts and/or impacted individuals
  • Surveys (social media makes doing surveys easy)


Major Deliverable:

  • A report in memo format that describes your problem in detail using all the research you have conducted. The memo should have the following section headings:
    • Background Information
    • Explanation of the Problem
    • Causes of the Problem
    • Impacted Population
    • Works Cited

Supplemental Deliverables:

  • Research Plan: A memo that identifies the problem you have selected and your plans for researching it, including research methods and potential sources for each required topic listed above.
  • Research Progress Report: An update that describes a) the research you’ve done to date; b) which topics that research applies to; c) what you have left to do before completing a draft.


I uploaded 3 pictures first one is just an example of what format to use, the other 2 are examples of the work and then the final one i dont have an example of it but its just a review of the research.

VERY IMPORTANT :also very important i want the subject to be related to a university like how stress affect students during exams and to do intervies or surveys to know who agrees or dont

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X Computown Public School System Memo To: Members of the Computown School Board From: Tony Presley CC: Public School Administrators Date: 24-Feb 2009 Re: Recommendations for Bridging the Digital Divide A Recommendation for Bridging the Digital Divide Within the Computown Public School System Defining and exploring the effects of the "Digital Divide" In one sense, the "digital divide" (later here-in referred to as "the divide") can be summarized as the gap existing between those that have access to technology based resources sylhas computers and internet service. Furthermore, our summary of the divide may include ability to utilize such technology based resources and the efforts made (or not made) to increase this ability. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that 98 percent of schools and 77 percent of instructional rooms have computers and internet access. However, many classrooms and important educational products are not connected, making these educators deprived of excellent internet-based resources (International Society for Technology in Education, 2006). As you can see from Table 1 on the following page, the divide is quite real and perhaps larger than you may have expected. In "bridging this divide, we must first recognize the need and then labor to find means of overcoming the division between those who are "in the know" in regards to technology and its applications and those who are not. With this perspective and approach we can overcome the horrible effects of the divide, namely in our case students being left behind and in general societal disadvantages as we proceed into the technological age. "Bridging" the Divide Following are three recommendations I would like to respectively propose to the school board members in an effort to overcome the divide within our very own school district. First I would recommend a focus on building an adequate intrastructure of hardware and networking (or internet connecting) systems as kind of a foundation in which to build our improvements 1 754 x 968 ♡ ZOOM + Free AL Date T0/22/2019 Subject Progress Report To date, the research I have collected on JP Laundry has consisted of a survey with 18 responses and reading the article from the oracle about the administration's side of laundry services. My survey has resulted in answers that I expected of the questions, where many people have experienced issues with the facilities in JP Laundry The topics that this research applies to customer satisfaction, administration decisions, and maintenance of machines. In my project, the survey provides the raw data of how often these problems are happening and to how many people. The secondary research applies to interpretation of the data, how different perspectives compare to the findings of the survey, and insight of what could be done better. Before completing the final memo, I still need to research other schools and how they deal with their laundry facilities. My data is already collected, and I do not see many more responses coming in because now the post in the group chat is old and reposting would just be annoying to my respondents. I just need to interpret this data to put into the memo without just listing all of the data again. I will research my secondary research and will figure out how to integrate the supporting opinions with my raw data, If you have any questions just let me know. OO109-10 O 30 F 10/18/2019 Subject Research Plan The problem that has been selected for this project is the issues regarding on-campus laundry, or more specifically, the laundry room in Juniper-Poplar hall. Issues frequently noted include . Clothes coming out damp from the dryers Washing machines and dryers not running after students paying for them Water on the floors Buttons missing on the machines The closure of the laundry facility for multiple weeks at a time . Among other inconveniences. My plans for data collection include: . I plan to send out a survey to the current residents living on my floor and the residents from my floor from last year in order to get multiple survey pools of experiences from different times The questions listed in the survey will include: Rating the laundry facility at Juniper-Poplar Hall If they have encountered a problem while using the laundry facilities . If their clothes have come out of a dryer still damp . Based on the previous question, if they paid for an extra load to fully dry their . latha 20 rs Ogo wa FS A
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Surname 1

November 6, 2019

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Research Plan Memo
SUBJECT: The Effect of Smartphone use in USF classrooms on Students’ Performance
Background Information
The current advancement in technology has rendered the use of smartphones as a common norm
as the users range from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly. The use of smartphones
in high school and university premises has also been on the rise as they have proven to be a
useful tool that offers access to a vast pool of knowledge via the internet (Allen, 2017).
However, smartphones tend to be addictive as a result of various aspects such as access to social
media, texting, and the capability to take good quality photographs and videos. Numerous studies
have proven that the use of mobile phones in learning institutions may pose a negative impact as
they tend to distract the users from paying attention in the classrooms, which in turn, affects their
overall education outcome. According to Jeong (2019), cellphone addiction in South Korea has
become a serious problem that detox centers have been opened to help students deal with their
Explanation of the Problem
The trend of cellphone addiction has also been on the rise in USF as students are constantly seen
using their smartphones when undertaking most of their day-to-day activities. According to
Morgan (2019), several students in the Tampa campus of USF are often seen with their heads

Surname 3
bent as they concentrate on their mobile phones while walking on the pathway. This also impairs
their judgment when they stop to check the signal at an intersection as some tend to keep using
their ph...

Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.


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