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Write a 500 or more word paper about the three main institutions in gender socialization, family, school, and the media. In your paper also

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Let me help you out a bit, mary walsh1, by giving you questions to think about so you can figure out what you want to write.

For your paper, you're going to need to think about culture and its influence upon the way we perceive ourselves and others according to the gender we were born with.

In your family, were you given toys geared towards the feminine stereotype? Were certain chores given or not given to you? Were you allowed or not allowed to view certain movies?

At school, were girls expected to do better in certain subjects and boys in others simply because they were girls and boys? Were boys and girls treated differently by teachers because of any ideas they had about the way they were supposed to be?

The media one's easy. How were men and women characterized in what you saw on screen? What things are deemed acceptable and not acceptable to be shown based on the characters and their genders? How does that effect people watching them? What messages do you think it sends about what is wrong and right?

It's a good idea, if you can, to name some specific examples, describing them and explaining what you learned from them. Relate personal stories too. Soon, you'll be over that 500 word limit.

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