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The purpose of this homework assignment is to organize and outline your viewpoint on a diet type topic and formally inform others of your position. From a list of diet types (see attached), write a two-page (2) paper following the format listed below:

  • APA Style®; double-spaced, 12pt. font
  • Times New Roman
  • 1” margins, with a cover page (not included in page count)
  • References in APA Style® format (also not included in page count).

The paper should include the following information and headings:

  • Cover Page: Paper Title, Class Title, Date, Student name
  • Introduction: Consider your audience; start with a topic sentence or two that attracts attention and summarizes the issue. Inform the audience of your point of view.
  • Development: Focus on three main points to develop. Each topic is developed with:
  • Conclusion: Summarize, then conclude, your argument. Refer to the first paragraph/opening statements, as well as the main points:
  • References: (does not count toward required paper length)

  • a general statement of the position
  • an elaboration that references documents and source data
  • past experiences and authoritative testimony
  • conclusion restating the position
  • quote sources and stay focused on a logical argument
  • does the conclusion restate the main ideas?
  • reflect the succession and importance of the arguments
  • logically conclude their development?

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Running Head: VEGAN DIET


Vegan Diet
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If you have not joined the league of people who have ditch animal products, then you are
lagging. There is more in vegetables than you can get than you do in the products that you are
currently taking. Essentially more and more people are drifting from other kinds of meals to
focus mainly on a healthier and ethical vegan diet. This is the way to go as we move in the
future; there is more than just food in a vegan diet. Such a diet is helpful health-wise and is one
of the ways to improve the war against overweight as well as issues of blood sugar control and
the like.
When we talk of a vegan diet, it is worth considering that this is all about having a diet
wholly based on plant foods. It includes green grains, fruits, and the like products from the trees.
Though some people or ...

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