English Composition Section 4HH (EN1150)

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The week 2 assignment consists of 2 paragraphs: An introductory paragraph(FROM WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT) and additional paragraph to support the introductory paragraphs.

In addition, u will research the topic and include at least 2 citations from credible resources in your paper.


1.Copy and paste the introduction paragraph into a new document.(Use the most up-to-date edited version from week1 assignment.

2.Using the writing process, make revisions to the introductory paragraph to enhance it.(For examples, add more details, add modifiers to sentences or add a quote.

3.Research the Internet to find credible resources.(Wikipedia and ASK.com are not credible websites)

4.After introduction paragraph, create one 'body' paragraph which provides detail to support the introduction paragraph, using your researched sources.

5.Cite the sources using APA style.


1.Paragraphs must contain a minimum of 5 complete sentence.

2.Sentence must be free of grammatical/spelling/mechanical errors.

3.Paragraph must start with a topic sentence, must contain at least 3 detailed sentence and a conclusion sentence.

4.Thesis statement is valid..

5Body paragraph provides details to support thesis statement in introduction paragraph.

6.Includes at least 2 citations.

7.Sites reference are credible(Wikipedia or ASK.com are not credible websites.

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