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Using the company/breach that you selected in Module 3, create an outline of your Portfolio Project that organizes the main points and sub points of your critical evaluation of the breach based on the following questions:

  1. What went wrong?
  2. Why did it occur?
  3. Who was responsible?
  4. How could it have been prevented?
  5. What advice would you offer to prevent such a breach from occurring in the future?

As you develop your outline, be sure to continue researching the breach so that your points are well-supported by in-text citations from sources in addition to course readings. A minimum of five sources must be fully cited and referenced as part of the Portfolio Project due in Module 8.

Submit your Portfolio Project Milestone by the posted due date. Review the rubric below for specific grading criteria.

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Running head: GOOGLE CLOUD SECURITY BREACH Google Cloud Security Breach Dillion Pitcock Dr. Santiago CSU Global October 27th, 2019 1 GOOGLE CLOUD SECURITY BREACH 2 In 2019, hackers have abused Google Cloud platform to attack consumer routers. There have been DNS hijacking attacks against D-link routers whose origin is the Google Cloud Platform. The attackers use Google’s cloud computing service to reroute and intercept traffic in a variety of consumer routers. Some of these targeted routers included D-Link, ARGtek, and DSLink among others. The DNS hijacking attack caused the routers to redirect traffic to wrong websites. The attacks originated from rogue DNS servers hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. The attackers initially utilize the capabilities of Google’s cloud service to probe for vulnerable routers that have high chances of being exploited. The attackers use malicious code to remotely configure the targeted routers to specific DNS servers (own servers). Any user with a Google account has access to Google Cloud Shell that provides root privileges openly in a web browser. The routers are made more vulnerable by the delayed response from Google. The response time by Google after reporting cases of abuse is slow which makes the attacks easy to propagate. GOOGLE CLOUD SECURITY BREACH References Moore, M., & IGI Global. (2017). Cybersecurity breaches and issues surrounding online threat protection. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global 3
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Google Cloud Security Breach
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1. What went wrong?
The hackers attacked consumer routers through abusing google cloud platforms. There have been
numerous attacks in Domain Name Servers (DNS) to D-link routers, which are found in the
google cloud platforms. These hackers used malware to attack the cloud computing platforms to
redirect user information to the wrong websites (Howard, 2010). The hackers were interested in
hijacking information and struck some of the routers that facilitate Google cloud computing,
such as DLink, D-Link, and the ARGtek. The attackers sit in between the user communication
and servers and intercept the user request to the servers and the replies from the servers to
provide a loophole for hacking. The Google cloud contains fake Domain Name Servers, which
give a leeway for attackers to intrude and access the user information credentials.
2. Why did it occur?
The Google cloud attacks emerged since the google computing group provided free access
privileges to Google Cloud Shell to any person(s) with a google account. The google cloud
hacking happened because, in the cloud, there are fake DNS servers that...

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