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it is report lab answerd everything just need to write the conclusion. try to be simple conclusion.

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Experiment 8 Current Balance: The Magnetic Force PURPOSE​: To explore how the magnetic field between two parallel current-carrying wires is affected by different weights. To calculate and compare the value of 𝛍​0​ to the theoretical value of 𝛍​0​. PROCEDURE​: 1. Turn on the lizer and Start putting the weight on the conductor than turn it on. Than measure the distance between the conductor and the board we would call it L. masseur the thickness of the wire. 2. Draw point exactly in front of the conductor and put line 3cm above it and another one 3cm under it. 3. By adjusting the lizard on the board to the point we drew earlier. We going to use the conductor knobe if the lizard was higher we will lower the knobe to make it pointing to the point on the board, if the lizard was under the point we will increase the knobe to make it point the the point we drew earlier. 4. We did that experience with six different weight than we got the (I) from the condoctore and we used the equation (( L wire* L wire FEQ)/( L))+ Thickness wire = to get the D . DATA​: Equations: F = (ℓ2 μ0 i1 i2 )/(2ℼr) N (Eq. 1) mg = (ℓ2 μ0 i2 )/(2ℼr) i2 = [(2ℼr)/(ℓ2 μ0 )]mg = K mg A​2​ (Eq. 2) K = (2ℼr)/(ℓ2 μ0 ) J (Eq. 3) μ0 = (2ℼr)/(ℓ2 K) N/A​2​ (Eq. 4) Measured and Calculated Variables: Lmirror, whiteboard = 4.56 m ℓ1 = 0.215 m ℓ2 = 0.265 m h = 0.27 m r1 = ℓ1 (h /L) + [diameter of wire] = 0.215(0.27/4.56) + 0.0037 = 0.0164 m Table 1 (r​1​ = 0.0164 m): Mass (mg) Current (A) Current​2​ (A​2​) 20 5.9 34.8 25 6.6 43.6 40 8.2 67.2 45 8.4 70.56 60 10 100 65 10.4 108.2 Graph 1: K and µ​0​ Calculations: K experimental = 164773 J K theoretical = (2ℼr1 )/(ℓ2 μ0 ) = (2ℼ * 0.0164)/(0.265 * 1.26 * 10­6 ) (Eq. 3) K theoretical = 308608 J % error = 100|K theoretical ­ K experimental |/K theoretical = 46.6 % error μ0, accepted = 1.26 * 10­6 N/A​2 μ0, experimental = (2ℼr1 )/(ℓ2 K experimental ) = (2ℼ * 0.0164)/(0.265 * 164773) (Eq. 4) μ0, experimental = 2.36 * 10­6 N/A​2 % error = 100|μ0, theoretical ­ μ0, experimental |/μ0, theoretical = 87.3 % error ANALYSIS​: 1. Refer to graph above 2. Our experimental value for ​K​ was 164,773 J, while our theoretical value was 308,608 J, giving us about a 46.6% error. 3. From our slope, we calculated that µ​0​ was 2.36 * 10​-6 ​ ​N/A​2​ ​and, compared to the accepted value of µ​0​, which is 4ℼ * 10​-6​ ​N/A​2​, it gave us a percent error of about 87.3%. 4. A major source of error would probably be consistency in performing the experiment. Since there were many different groups that collected this data, there was no regulation in the way we each conducted the experiment. It may also be that, since the data relied on each of our groups’ judgement, it was just not accurate. In addition, the board could have also possibly been moved, of which the data relied on this distance between the board and the mirror. CONCLUSION​: ...
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The experiment shows how the magnetic fields between the two parallel current carrying
wires are affected by dif...

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