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Question 1

Have you observed a practical problem on the job(Technology consultant) that you learned about in a MBA program course? Give details of a problem and how the company worked on a solution.(IT company)

Question 2

Have you had any contact with HR or hiring staff since you have been working at your internship position? How does the HR person or department assist in helping employees succeed in their career(s)?

Keywords for the questions

  • Demonstrate an understanding of and relevance to your academic career by making a connection between knowledge learned in the classroom and practical problems in an off-campus work environment.
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest, based on your practical work experience.(technology aspect)
  • Understand and discuss aspects of your job duties and role with the company. 

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Question 1
Different organizations apply different planning techniques as spelled out in their
strategic and tactical planning processes. Practically, most companies lack proper coordination
and integration of the various management activities. If the IT department is not well
coordinated, it means that a lot of work will not be done properly or promptly. For instance, a
software consultant may find it difficult to realign the business activities with the IT actions
where there are lose connections between the two. Having problems with these two important
departments might lead to low productivity. A technology consultant ought to demonstrate his
leadership skills and expertise in fixing such issues. For Information Technology (IT) to have its
meaning in a business organization, it must be given its priority in the strategic plans of an
organization. People who perform different tasks work from different positions and they lack
consultations between themselves and also between them and the management. Poor
coordination also affects things such as budgeting for IT requirements. In such cases, the most
practicable solution is to let some activities such as budgeting be carried out ...

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