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Position Paper

Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In this assignment, you will persuade the reader of your point of view by supporting a thesis with objective facts and credible evidence.

In the week 2 forum, you selected your topic for this paper. You will take a stance on this issue and support your stance with credible evidence in your body paragraphs. In the week 4 forum you created an outline for this paper. Be sure to make use of the feedback you received there.

In order to persuade the audience to accept the position you are advocating in this paper, you will use different kinds of appeals:

  • ethos (which involves the credibility of the speaker, writer, or authority being cited);
  • logos (which involves facts, statistics, and logic); and
  • pathos (which involves emotions).

A good persuasive argument uses credible sources, objective evidence, and emotional “hooks” to make use of logos, ethos, and pathos respectively.

Be sure your thesis statement is very clear. It should be a single complete sentence, including both a subject and a predicate, that combine to make claim. Example: “The USA should be more competitive in establishing a presence on Mars.”

Your introduction paragraph should include a “hook” to grab the reader's attention. The thesis statement is typically seen in the first paragraph. Your body paragraphs will support the thesis. You should use credible sources and cite them according to the style of your discipline. Your conclusion should reiterate the strongest points from your paper and give the audience something to consider, moving forward.

  • PURPOSE: To persuade
  • AUDIENCE: A general audience, peers in the classroom
  • LENGTH: 500 - 750 words (Times New Roman font)
  • SOURCES: A minimum of 3 with at least 1 from the library, and at least 1 from a professional journal or organization
  • FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline

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Title: College Athletes Should not be Paid
Over the past three or four decades, the popularity of college athletic among Americans
has highly increased. The high popularity has had the National Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA) earn a lot of money ranging to billions of dollars. Throughout this time period, athletes
from big names colleges have been always trying hard to earn ‘good’ money while still studying
before making it to the pros. According to Jones, most of the football players in colleges are
admitted as ‘special admits’ (Jones 4). This is to mean that the college is responsible for their
scholarships. They are provided with accommodation, food, and college fees. Apart from all
these, there have been many mixed opinions as to whether these college athletes should be paid
or not. With the popularity of college athletics among Americans being on the rise, it is a high
time to ensure that college athletes are not paid so as to increase the number of graduating
athletes, improve sports culture in college, and reduce any form of tension among players while
still ensuring that colleges have enough money to finance their scholarships and change the lives
of most athletes from poor families.
To begin with, players already have access to scholarships, federal supplements, and
other opportunities. According to a report released by the NCAA in the year 2017, an average of
$5,000 is wired directly college athlete’s accounts on an annual basis in form of federal
supplements and scholarship fees, as well as other opportunities such as the Pell Grants. This

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makes college athletes some of the most favored students across the United States. Moreover,
college athletes receive great endorsements, scholarship benefits, and easy access to job
opportunities because of their brand. The NCAA also offers $1,000 which includes medical
coverage. All these benefits show that college athletes already receive more than they should be
given as compared to other students. They, therefore, do not deserve to be paid because they
already have enough.
Secondly, college athletes according to Paul Marx, an average of 74% of college athletes
fail to graduate if they are paid (Paul 300). Warren, however, disagrees with him citing that the

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