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Response to each part must be at least one page, contain in-text citations in APA format and show a clear understanding of content.

Part 1

It has been said, once ISIS has gained total control and exerted their considerable influence they impose Sharia law or their strict interpretation of it. What are the forms of punishment that have been established by Sharia Law? Should Muslim’s living in the United States be allowed to practice Sharia Law? Should they be subject to criminal charges for those offenses that are criminal in nature by the U.S. code such as honor killings or should they be protected by the first amendment?

Part 2

Radicalization is a process by which an individual, or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of the nation.

Identify the stages of radicalization. Can racialization occur in a person who did not previously have a connection with a terrorist group, or is it an excuse for a “dormant” terrorist waiting for an opportunity?

Provide an example of radicalization that occurred within the United States.

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Sharia Law and Radicalization








Sharia Law and Radicalization

Part 1

In Islam, concepts of the law known as the Sharia Law follows naturally from the book of
Quran. In this book, God is commanding, forbidding, punishes, and rewards. Unalterable
punishments as described by God in the Quran is controlled and divined while be considered the
right by God. For example, fornication is where two people have sexual encounters before
marriage, and the Had for that crime would be 100 lashes for those unmarried and 50 for those
considered to be slaves (Patel, 2011). Also sanctioned by Sunnah, if one is found guilty of
fornication during marriage this is also an unlawful crime mentioned in the Quran. For those who
steal, under the Sharia Law, they are subjected to ‘a hand for a hand or an eye for an eye’ (2011).
Treason under this law can be so harsh that those found guilty could be crucified or executed.
The ways of Muslim beliefs is far-reaching to that of the American view. Muslims generally
marry their young teenage daughters off, during some crime commissions amputate hands or feet
as given by the punishment for theft, a woman is required to wear oppressive burqas that cover
their hands, face, and bodies (Patel, 2011). Such resulting emotions by the Americans often lead
to panic concerning Sharia in America. This is where the conflict exists, and debates began.

However, the Sharia Law is taken much of context by Americans and given that the U.S.
values liberty, the rule of law, and inclusiveness (National Center for Constitutional Studies,
n.d.). Muslims should be allowed to practice whatever they believe in so long as it is not against
the American law system. For example, the acts of harsh punishments should not be practiced
because this is against the Constitution which America stands by. If any actions of the
Constitution must be broken such as these practices would, then it should not b allowed in the



U.S. For most Muslims, the path of Sharia does not lead down this road at all. Instead it is one of
harmony and cooperation. Generally, the Islamic Law guides private matters for Muslims living
in the U.S. and thus, are relieved by the penal aspects of the Islamic Law because the American
judicial system works for them (National Center for Constitutional Studies, n.d.). All offenses
that are against t...

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