Southern New Hampshire Stepping Stone Lab One Pseudocode Programming

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Your work on the final project for this course is supported by a series of stepping stone labs. This is the first.

In this lab, you will write pseudocode for the final project scenario program. Pseudocode is a description of how a program will be structured and will operate. It allows a programmer to "think in words" about the design of a program before composing code, and it is also useful for project teams in deciding on basic structures and design.

To learn more about writing pseudocode, review the How To Write Pseudocode document.

Stepping Stone One is an opportunity to consider how to incorporate object-oriented principles to solve a problem in a manner that users can readily engage.

To complete this assignment, review the Stepping Stone Lab One Guidelines and Rubric document.

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//Recipe class
class Recipe {
Initialize recipe name as String
Initialize servings as int
Initialize RecipeIngredient as ArrayList
Initialize totalRecipeCalories as double
//Recipe constructor with argument of type Recipe
Constructor Recipe(Recipe recipe) {
store recipe arguments
Method Recipe(Initialize recipe arguments ) {
get recipe arguments from the recipe class
void setName(String name) {
set recipe name...

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