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Richard Blanco is one of the most beloved and influential poets and storytellers writing today. Blanco was the inaugural poet at Barack Obama’s 2013 presidential inauguration.

As a historic inaugural poet, public speaker, teacher and memoirist, he continues to travel the world, inviting audiences to reconnect to the heart of the human experience and all of its beautiful diversity. Through the power of his words and presence, Blanco taps into our unspoken dreams, hopes and frustrations. He captures the human spirit and condition, in all of its complexities, opening up our minds and encouraging us to see beyond our differences to share in the universal experience of our humanity. (

Read and listen to Blanco’s poem here. (Links to an external site.)

Read his biography here. (Links to an external site.)

Reflect on the entire poem, or choose one or two passages that might speak to you. Incorporate these passages into your essay. Blanco’s work can inspire. What inspires you?

#2 This topic is for all you political pundits out there. A presidential election is just around the corner. Discuss your political philosophy. Choose two issues that you consider most important, and why. Discuss which political party best responds to these two issues. Naturally, you’ll have to tell me something about yourself, since we do know that a person’s personal story plays a crucial role in developing a world outlook.



If there was just one of our Founders that I’d like to sit down and have a drink with, it would be Ben Franklin. He asked the question…”How does one live a life that is useful, virtuous, worthy, moral, and spiritually meaningful?” He came up with seven great virtues to help him answer this timeless question.

Peruse Citizen Ben: A World American’s Seven Great Virtues, and chose one or two of his seven virtues. Select two of his virtues, and discuss Franklin’s idea on the subject, and how they may compare to your ideas on the subject. Naturally you’ll have to tell me a bit about yourself, where your ‘moral compass’ comes from, and how it impacts your life.

If you have questions, please ask me.

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Reflect Richard Blanco historic poem
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Reflection on Richard Blanco historic poem
Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco introduced a greater part of America when he stood
at the podium to read his poem by the title “One Today,” that he had written to celebrate
President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. In his poem, Blanco had a lot of sense
and inspired many people in the U.S. Most notably, the major theme being advanced in his
poem is unity. Therefore, the thing that inspires me in this poem is its major theme. In this
regard, I can say that the poem provoked the feelings of many in America, the main reason
why after reading his poem Blanco received a word of accolade from the then president
Barack Obama and Beyoncé. This signifies how inspiring the poem is and how intensive
its delivered message is.
Fundamentally, from a personal point of view, and after reading and re-reading the
poem severally, the phrase that inspired me in the poem is where he states that, “One sky,
toward which we sometimes lift our eyes tired from work.” This phrase inspires me
because, once I read it I saw America as one c...

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