MKT421 Positioning Presentation on APPLE iPhone 6

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Using the same company you chose for your Week 2 assignment, choose a product or service the company offers on which to focus.

Identify the important attributes for your chosen product and select two key variables for your perceptual map.  Prepare a perceptual map for your chosen product/brand and using a minimum of seven competitors, rank each product/brand on the two variables based on how they are positioned in the consumers' minds. 

Explain why you placed each competitor on its particular spot on the map, and how you might strengthen your chosen product/brand's position in the minds of the target market. 

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with notes including the following:

  • Summary slide
  • Target market (be specific and address all four segmentation variables - demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral)
  • Perceptual map
  • Map placement explanations
  • References
I have included the template that is provide and questions that need to be answered. I have also included my week 2 assignment. 

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Perceptual Map for [Product] Positioning for iPhone 6s Positioning Presentation MKT/421 Faculty: 4/4/2016 Name 1 Perceptual Map for [Product] Introduction • Presentations need the same document elements as a paper, including an introduction, conclusion, and header elements. • Tips for preparing a good introduction • Capture your audience’s attention with a “hook.” • Indicate what the presentation is about. • Explain how you will approach the topic. • Refer to the 5-paragraph tutorial from Writing Wizards in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence for more information about writing introductions. 4/4/2016 Name 2 Perceptual Map for [Product] Definitions • Use this section to define the basic concepts you will cover in the presentation to lay a foundation that will support your analysis and recommendations. Key sources include: • Chapter 9 of Kerin, Roger A., Hartley, Steven W., & Rudelius, W. (2015). Marketing, 12th ed. McGraw-Hill Education. New York: NY. • Key concepts to explore • Positioning • Competitive analysis • SWOT analysis • Perceptual mapping • Make sure you cite your sources on your slides and in the Speaker’s Notes • Meet academic standards • Enhance the credibility of your analysis and recommendations 4/4/2016 Name 3 Perceptual Map for [Product] Perceptual mapping • Define perceptual mapping. • Explain the process of perceptual mapping. • Explain how you will apply this process to create the perceptual map for your product. • Identify the two product attributes you will use to compare competing products. • Explain why you selected those attributes. • List the key competitors in the product category. • Allocate scores for each product using the attributes you selected. • Cite your sources. 4/4/2016 Name 4 Perceptual Map for [Product] [EXAMPLE: DELETE THIS SLIDE] Perceptual map to reposition Milk Chug for adults Jim Beam Latte Red Bull Age: Child or Adult Nestea Milk Chug Muscle Milk XYZ OJ Instructions: Using the “Text Box” icon, place the name of each product where customers perceive it in comparison to others V8 Hershey’s Nesquik Kool Aid Nutrition: Low to high (Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 2015, pg. 241-242; Dawar & Bagga, 2015) 4/4/2016 Name 5 Perceptual Map for [Product] Attribute 1 Perceptual map for [product] Attribute 2 4/4/2016 Name 6 Perceptual Map for [Product] Analysis • Explain the placement of each competitor. • Based on your analysis, make recommendations for positioning your product using one of the approaches explained in Chapter 9 of Kerrin, Hartley, & Rudelius (2015). • Head-to-head • Differentiation • From your analysis, what is the positioning statement that emerges? • Tips: • Kerrin, Hartley, & Rudelius (2015), pg. 242 includes a sample analysis and perceptual map that positions a chocolate milk product for adults. Use this as a model for the analysis of your product. 4/4/2016 Name 7 Perceptual Map for [Product] Conclusion • Consider the conclusion like the closing argument in a jury trial. • Summarize key concepts as “proof” to support your analysis and recommendations. • Summarize what you have intended to communicate in the presentation. • Leave the audience with a final thought or challenge. 4/4/2016 Name 8 Perceptual Map for [Product] References cited • Use at least 3 references to course material to support your marketing concepts and recommendations. The assignment provides two: • Dawar, N., & Bagga, C. K. (2015). A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy. Harvard Business Review, 93(6), 90-97. • Kerin, Roger A., Hartley, Steven W., & Rudelius, W. (2015). Marketing, 12th ed. McGraw-Hill Education. New York: NY. • Cite the sources you used to get information about the products you selected. Possible sources include: • Company website • SWOT database in the library • For the purposes of this and other assignments in the course, your client (me) requires that you develop your deliverables using APA style and attributions • Your organizations and clients will likely have their own styles they require you to use; so, get in the habit of learning and applying specific styles for each situation. 4/4/2016 Name 9 Perceptual Map for [Product] Presentation tips • When you finish your slides, record your presentation using the “Record Slide Show” feature under the “Slide Show” tab. • Record your slide show in PowerPoint> • Include your presentation script in the Speaker’s Notes for each slide. • To edit the Master Slide elements: • View > Master View > Slide Master • Edit the name, title, and background elements as necessary. • You’re welcome to apply your own creative flare to the slides; but, focus on the content and substance. • don’t waste too much time on fluff • Always design within the Microsoft framework; if you find yourself doing things manually, you’re likely doing things wrong • Make sure you delete the instructions. 4/4/2016 Name 10 ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT 1 Elements of a Marketing Plan Report Apple is one of the major market players in the information technology industry in the world. The company is known for designing and manufacturing as well as marketing several information technology products and services in the market. It has a range of products from personal music players to personal computers. The company has been successful in the industry ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT 2 through making its name a recognizable brand around the world. These contributions have been due to great leadership, hierarchical organization structure as well as effective marketing and being customer centric. It has capitalized much on technology and innovation to solve customer problems over decades. The innovations and inventions as well as standardization of its products make the company the de facto market leader. This type of innovation culture and risk taking has allowed it to succeed on different fronts. Environmental Forces Apple has recorded high performance over the years of its existence. The company has been able to go against all odds and become an industrial leader in information technology. Its effectiveness in addressing external factors in the macro environments has earned it a lot of respect among the members of the target customer section while at the same time attracting customers across the globe. The results created to exploit the opportunities in the external environment has been able to make the customers like the company and be able to contain the threats that might have made the company to fail in the process where it was required to grow and flourish. These key environmental factors include being the first to introduce a major technological change as well as cultural factors that allowed it to maintain an image as reliable and creative. Another factor that led to the development of the company is the improvement of free trade policies as well as stable politics in developed countries. This allowed Apple to be able to penetrate all the potential and unreached market across the world. It was able to distribute products across the cross-section and be able to sail freely in countries without issues of war. Additionally, the growth and economic development in most of the countries have played a ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT major role in realizing the best of the company. The other great environmental factors are the rising use of the social media and ease of mobile and technological access across the globe. All this factors have been critical in the company’s rise to a global leader in the technology. The management has been able to see all these opportunities and gear towards taking them up and laying their business on them in order to ensure that they become successful. Changes in Apple’s Target Market Apple has had far reaching changes in purchasing patterns from the target market. Consumer buying decision has been affected from time to time to the issue of competition and availability of substitutes to the products sold by the company. The modern development in technology has seen most of the consumers question on what they buy as well as how they buy it. The prices for the products have also seen major changes in the purchasing pattern. The cultural factors across the group has also affected this pattern in a way. However, personal factors as well as age and life cycle change have been the major factor that has led to these changes. Right from the inception of the company, the customer choices have change over the years Environmental Scan of Apple Apple incorporation is the leading technology firm that dealt with the production for computer products for personal and business use. Externally the company has to contend with the legal as well as competitive and technological factors that help it to continue working 3 ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT 4 effectively in the industry (Pride and Ferrell, 2010). The legal changes create the greatest threat given that the changes are capable of ruining the organization’s business in a great way. The laws and legislations made, may make the already manufactured products to be unworthy and useful at any time. The other thing is the competition with other industry players. With the current entrance of new companies and the growing competition from other players such as Microsoft and Samsung, the company has to be very keen to ensure that it does not lose the market share. There are also changes in the social cultural aspects of the customers (Smith and Milligan, 2011). There are rapid changes from time to time in the customer feeling about the product where the company must be able to study and plan correctly to ensure that it retain its competitive advantage while at the same time being able to continue working in every environment. The company’s competitive advantage has helped it to continue to focus on innovation in technology. It is able to produce more products that are able to bring changes in the industry as well as being able to maintain a very productive and competitive human capital. It has also continuously and constantly maintains production of new kind of technologies and software products that keep the other industrial players at toe. The company also uses the research and development as one of the way to help it retain the competitive advantage in the industry. The management believes that doing so will help improve the company in a way that it will always be competitive in the market and will be able to penetrate different types of market in a great way. Differentiation Strategies of Apple ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT 5 One of the differentiation strategies that have actually worked for apple is on the design and branding of its products. Apple is focusing on its activities in branding as well as to enables recognition from their customers. It is the process where in the company had been able to catch the attention of their customers and furthermore let the customers bring to their mind or bear in minds the products, whenever they are in need. Apple, particularly its iPod is considered as one of the most loved brand in the world. Branding is being used by the company in order to maintain its position in the market. Geek Squad Case Study The Geek squad case study offers great information of marketing and environmental concerns for every organization. A proper marketing plan is essential for every company. Every organization has to learn and understand environmental factors that stand on its way so as to ensure that they become successful. Again it is much possible for every organization to be successful as long as they learn how to differentiate themselves with the competitors and how to set themselves to be recognized by the customers (Post, 2012). For the Geek Squad, the management could have looked in the environment and set a differentiation strategy. They could have used the promotional activities such as engaging the customers using the social media use charitable means to help change the customer perception and behavior as well as learn to engage the consumers at all cost which will have a positive change to the company. ELEMENTS OF A MARKETING PLAN REPORT References Post, K. (2012). Brand turnaround: How brands gone bad returned to glory ... and the seventh game changers that made the difference. New York [etc.: McGraw-Hill. Pride, W. M., & Ferrell, O. C. (2010). Marketing. Australia: South Western Cengage Learning. Smith, S., & Milligan, A. (2011). Bold: How to be brave in business and win. Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page. 6 ...
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