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Directions for the argumentative essay attached below (4-6 pages)

you can use some of the citations listed in my annotated bib.

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Formal Argumentative Paper Assignment Due November 30th by 11:59PM. Requirements for Assignment: • Write a 4-6 page argumentative paper. • Your thesis & topic should argue a certain point you wish to make. Convince the reader why your argument and viewpoint is correct, and back it up with sources and evidence. • Your paper topic may be historical or modern. • Include a works cited with your sources, at least four. Two primary and two secondary at a minimum. How To Choose A Topic: • Either choose a topic/historical era we have covered throughout the course OR a similar topic relating to the course. • Your main question to answer will depend on your interests, and will vary by the individual. If you are having trouble deciding, please speak with me or email me. • Examples of paper topics: o Lessons world wars have taught us. o Why do empires rise and fall? o Mutual influence of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. o How did the Church had more influence in Europe than monarchs? o The most consequential event(s) in U.S. history was/were…. Some Recommendations for the Writing Process: • Do not procrastinate. • Finalize your sources. o To the best of your ability, finish the annotated bibliography assignment with some careful thought and care. If you need to alter these after your submission, feel free. It’s all part of the research and writing process. • Outline your potential essay. o Understand what your thesis will be, sources, arguments, etc. Try to outline what each page will discuss. • Revise…revise…revise! o You will go through many drafts before you will feel confident with your work. Please do not wait until the night of to turn in “the most magnificent essay I have ever written in under three hours.” • Check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage of paragraph transition words. • Proofread to make sure everything makes sense. • Do not look at the essay for a day or two. • Come back to proofread again. o Often times your brain will reinforce your written words to the point where it sounds great. Then when you reread the material at a later date, you may want to make revisions. • Feel free to email your classmates a copy for helpful edits.
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The Great Depression
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Why the Great Depression was Negative

The Great Depression began in the late 1920s and extended to the 1930s. It is considered
the most severe and longest economic downturn in modern history after lasting for a decade. It
affected almost every country globally and is attributed to have led to massive declines in mass
unemployment, industrial production, banking and sharp increases in homelessness and poverty.
The effects of the depression highly impacted the United States because most its economic
sectors encountered challenges. This paper will examine the causes and adverse impacts of the
Great Depression.
Causes of the Great Depression
The depression could be attributed to the crashing of the stock market.. In the 1920s,
stock prices rose significantly and this attracted a lot of people across the U.S to invest in the
stock because returns were assured. Many people including the low and middle class income
earners mortgaged their home or used all their disposable income to buy stock. Most of the
shares bought were financed by loans that attracted interest. However, share prices began to
decline in October 1929 and this caused panic amongst shareholders. Most rushed to liquidate
their stock and this led a more profound decline of stock prices by 33 percent (Editors, 2009). As
a result, the stock market crashed and this led to reduced industrial output, reduced investment,
decline in consumer spending and job losses hence occasioning the Great Depression.

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