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Identify a major information security incident that has occurred in the last 5 years. If possible, identify a breach that occurred in, or otherwise impacted, the Middle East. Review and analyze your chosen incident along the following dimensions:

  • What went wrong?
  • Why did it occur?
  • Who was responsible?
  • How could it have been prevented?
  • What actions would you take to ensure that this security incident would not be replicated in your organization?


  • 5 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Citation is really important
  • References must be from academic journals not before 2016
  • Paper must follow APA style guidelines.
  • Plagiarism less then 5%

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Information system security and information security incident
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November 19, 2019





Implementing information system security to any firm requires a concrete understanding of
information security. Commonly known as INFOSEC, information system security is a term
which is used to depict a combination of various methodology and processes of ensuring that any
company/organization information integrity and confidentiality are maintained while ensuring
that the information is available. INFOSEC also includes the access control measures put in
place to restrict and control the users and access to the information, overall protection of the
information as well as detection and mitigation against any form of data violators. In this paper,
we are reviewing and analyzing one of the information security incidents that happened in the
Middle East back in 2016, while at the same time looking into ways to mitigate against such kind
of incidents.
Overview of INFOSEC Incident
Back in 2016, some Middle east media reported that there was a major data breach in one of
the leading bank in Qatar. In particular, Qatar National Bank got hacked, and 1.2GB of database
data got leaked online, (Osborne, 2016). According to the sources, the incident didn’t reveal how
the hackers got into the leading financial institution and how it got of such a large volume of
sensitive data. The result of the data breach was a release of 1.4GB of sensitive data among them
passwords, account numbers, Credit card information among others. Some media reported that
some of the QNB customers’ data were being sold on the dark web.
About the Incident
A media report back in 2016 started by a twitter user known as Cryptome outlined a possible
data breach in Qatar's Na...

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