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hi, I want help with my assignment , (please check the files and There you will find the map form and the assignment rubric). it’s 5 paragraphs easy. Do the rough draft then the final draft.

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The University of Texas at El Paso Effects of Stress in College Paper

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The effects of stress in college
The sole motive of a student after joining college is to get the best grade and prosper in his/her career.
The time they spend on the college is thus precious, and it determines what grades they will have at the
end of their school life. For most students, college is not a walk in the park. They are mostly faced with
challenges that affect their performance in school. Stress is one of the factors that affect the ability of
college students to attain the best grades. Stress for college students comes in different forms, and
when it hits them, it causes lasting effects that affect them even after their college life. This is because
stress worsens the students’ grades, makes them angrier, and even decrease their sleep quality.
Stress worsens grades
Stress can worsen the grades of a college student very fast because it diminishes their ability to focus.
When they cannot focus, it becomes hard for them to even remember what they study in class and even
on their own. When this happens, the student cannot perform better in examinations something that
can lower their overall grades. The constant worries also make it hard for the student to concentrate on
their studies making it hard to pass their exams. Stress also comes with social withdrawal, something
that makes the student to become much anti-social. When this happens, the student cannot participate
better in class discussions. The end results of this behavior is that the student gets disconnected with
what happens in class thus worsening their grades. When a college student has stress, it becomes hard
to concentrate and participate in class activities. The end result for this is worse grades which affects the
ability of the student to prosper in career.
Stress makes student angrier
Stress also makes the student to become angrier due to the feeling that the issue he/she facing cannot
be resolved. Stress results to weak emotional reaction making the student change moods frequently.
When this happens, it becomes hard for the affected student to ...

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