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We need a 2250~2400-words paper and a ppt of it for presentation. Details are in the attached files.

The industry we chose is Gaming Industry and the two companies we chose are Capcom and Ubisoft.

Totally we will need a 2250~2400 word paper (cover memo, Capcom, Ubisoft, each counts for 750~800 words). Now we've already finished the Ubisoft part, so please help us with our cover memo and the Capcom parts (counts for about 1400 words).

The three functions we decided to focus on are:

1. Global Presence and Cultural Accommodation

2. Public Relations

3. Customer Service and Support

APA is needed.

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Social Media Group Project Preliminary Steps: ● ● Review the assignment guidelines here carefully and, based on group members’ input and preferences, select a common industry to analyze companies within Connect with your group members and begin collaborating both online and in person (Options for collaborating online include using Canvas group collaboration features &/or GoogleDocs) ** Later on, you will be evaluating each of your group members’ team efforts (including your own) through an anonymous survey which could affect individuals’ participation grades. Project Situation: You are all employees at LLD Marketing, Inc., which is a consulting company that evaluates the marketing effectiveness of clients’ social media activities/websites. Over the last several years, more companies have begun to use social media as part of their overall communication and marketing strategies, and we have been asked to investigate how successful these companies have been, what the current trends are, how companies have changed the way they do business, and what the future looks like in the context of social media use. Objectives of research: 1. Investigate how businesses and organizations are using social media to enhance communications and business interactions within companies (employee communications) and externally with partners, vendors, customers, and the community. Social media includes Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging, messaging tools such as Twitter, IM, texting, podcasts, and other interactive communication technologies such as wikis, Linked-In, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. Social media also includes mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. 2. Investigate several companies within an industry: * How are these companies using social media technologies? Find specific examples & details. * How are they being implemented? Is there a strategy? * What are their objectives? (You may have to figure this out yourselves.) * Are they successful? (based on your opinion, various industry/professional articles, Alexa) * What results have they seen that can specifically be tied to social media? Increased revenue? Reduced expense? Increased customer satisfaction &/or appeal? * What improvements could they make? Sources of information: company websites, social media sites; online articles, and Alexa (free analytics on website traffic, rankings, etc.): Task: Working in groups of five, you will pick a global industry and evaluate four competitive global companies in that industry (e.g., Food/Health Industry -- Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Fresh & Easy). The deliverable will be an 11 – 12 page analytical report, addressed to the CEO of LLD Marketing, Inc. All group members will receive the same grade, which is based on the final report and presentation.1 1 There may be extenuating circumstances that lead to penalty points for individual contributors, for example, one member has plagiarized his/her report, or a group member does not meet deadlines that the group has agreed to, Group roles: · Project Manager (Editor): One team member will act as the team leader (editor) and be responsible for writing the cover memo which will be the first part of the group report, in addition to making sure the final report flows smoothly as one document. · Company Evaluators: Remaining members of the team will each be responsible for a written evaluation of one particular company using the set of criteria established by the team. Report Components: · A cover memo (written by the project manager) giving an executive overview of the report: This will describe the purpose of the report, a brief discussion about social media technologies in general and how they are being used, what industry and companies were evaluated, a description of the functions evaluated, how they were evaluated, and the criteria used – this is basically an overall executive summary of the findings. The summary will identify which companies best met the criteria in each function and what your overall impression was for that company. The cover memo will be written in a narrative form and will also include two summary graphics. This memo will be written by the project manager with input and review from the other group members. The cover memo will range from 750 – 800 words. Be concise! · Individual company reports: Each remaining group member will write the evaluation for one of the chosen companies, ranging from 750 – 800 words. Each evaluation will include the following: o Brief background of the company (very brief!) o Evaluation of at least three functions (global presence/cultural accommodation is required as one of the three functions) such as: ▪ Global presence and cultural accommodation (required for all reports) ▪ Marketing/Sales ▪ Customer Service and Support ▪ Public Relations ▪ Careers/Recruitment ▪ Product Communities ▪ Community and Outreach Services ▪ Other – may be specific to the industry, such as non-profit organizations For each of the 3 functions, describe how social media are being used, what technologies are being utilized, how the business processes work, and how effective they are. Give detailed examples to support your opinion. Each group will need to determine a set of criteria to “grade” each function on. This will require group meetings to look at each company online and determine which company is best in each function, and how the other companies rank in comparison. o putting the group grade in jeopardy. Hopefully, these situations can be resolved by the groups themselves. Otherwise, the instructor will assess the situation. Points may also be deducted for lack of participation – e.g. absent from class, not meeting due dates, etc. o Overall impressions; recommendations for improvement o Rating and ranking of each company by function (see general scale below), and overall rating - Writers will need to give a “grade” to each function and determine the overall grade for their company. They will also need to give their reasons for the grades, what was done well, what needed improvement. Ranking Scale of 1 to 5 (all groups should use this as a general guide): 5=excellent 4=good 3=adequate 2=needs improvement 1=not present or very weak Producing the Group Report: ● Timing: First drafts of the individual reports need to be given to the project manager as soon as possible, so that the he/she has the information to write the cover memo. Also, the entire team needs to get together to review ALL of the companies to compare how the companies rank in terms of effective use of social media. The group needs to rank the companies to determine which company has the highest score overall. This information will be included in the cover memo. ● Formatting & Cohesion: The report will be in business report format, single-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 pt., with appropriate headings, following APA format only for in-text citations and reference list. All individual reports must be formatted the same, following these guidelines. The goal is to have the individual reports sound and look as if they were written by one person. This will require extensive editing by the entire group of the entire document. The project manager (editor) will put all the various files together into one file, but each group member is responsible for editing his or her report and for reviewing the reports of others. Make sure that all of your criteria in the rating of functions are aligned as well. ● Use of “we”: Although an individual contributor would be composing only his/her section of the report, please use “we/us” language instead of “I/me,” e.g. We think that this company has utilized social media the most effectively because … ● Graphics: Each individual company report should have two graphic charts which will give a pictorial view of the evaluation conclusions. These charts should be consistent through each of the company reports. ● Final Submission: Project managers are responsible for uploading the final draft of the report to Canvas, which will automatically go through, before the day of the presentation. Any accidentally plagiarized material detected should be revised before the final report is due, and the revised version should be resubmitted to Canvas. ● A hard copy of the final report is due to the instructor, and all members will receive the same report grade. ● Group responsibilities: All members are accountable for the success of this project and the quality of the report. You will each have your own tasks, but you must work collaboratively, giving input and accepting feedback. There will be some time allotted in class to work on this project, but you should expect several hours of work outside of class time. Group Presentation: Each group will present a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation regarding their evaluations. Each team member will be required to talk about his/her particular company, and the project manager/editor will give the introduction and conclusions of the overall report. ...
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Social Media Project
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Cover Memo
Subject: Social Media Technologies

This memo reports an investigation on the effectiveness of companies in utilizing social
media and communication strategies to create business value. The purpose of the report is to
identify the strategies being used by companies, evaluate their performance on these strategies,
as well as how they can improve on the same. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, MySpace, linked-in, wikis, and other digital tools and applications. Other modern
communication technologies include blogging and texting tools such as WhatsApp, snap chat,
and podcasts. Companies are increasingly using digital communication tools and platforms
which have become part of the modern global business. Global companies, therefore, have to
incorporate modern communication technologies and strategies within their business processes,
for them to remain relevant in the highly competitive global markets.
Social media technologies are being used by companies to facilitate the performance of
various business functions, including sales, marketing, global presence, cultural accommodation,
customer service, and support, among others. We chose to evaluate companies from the gaming
industry, and the two companies we chose are Ubisoft and Capcom. The two are leading global
companies in the industry. We evaluated the performance of these companies in social media
technologies, based on three functions. These include global presence and cultural
accommodation, public relations, customer service, and support. The global presence and
cultural accommodation of the companies were evaluated based on how the companies used
social media and communication technologies to expand their operations in international
The criteria used included the number of followers on different platforms such as twitter
and Facebook, across the world. The number of digital platforms and applications adopted by the
companies was also relevant in evaluating this function. On the aspect of cultural
accommodation, the criterion used was the business diversification in terms of products,
employees, and targeted markets. Ubisoft was more successful in this function, using several
social media communication platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and
YouTube. The company also has a superior number of followers with 425K and 5.6 million
followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively.


Capcom did fairly well in utilizing social media into cultural accommodation. The
company has diversified employees from different cultural backgrounds around the globe.
Digital and social media platforms that are used by people across the world ensure that
customers from all cultures are represented in the company's business operations. Based on our
evaluation, we awarded Ubisoft 4 out of 5, while Capcom was ranked 3 out of 5. The second
function that we evaluated is public relations. This entails how each company used social media
and communication technologies to enhance its relations with the public. We analyzed each
company's public relations department and the approaches employed by each to give the
companies a positive picture outside. Ubisoft's strategy of public relations involves supporting
various programs both in the local community and global setting. The aim is to build a positive
relationship with the communities where it is active, both locally and internationally. The
company also enhances its public relations through its diverse workforce, which represents
different cultures and societies.

We ranked Ubisoft's public relations 3 out of five; hence, improvements are required.
Capcom, on the other hand, has a far much effective strategy as far as the utilization of social
media and technology to enhance public relations is concerned. The company seeks to promote
and protect its brand image through digital and media platforms. Social media platforms,
including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, enable the company to manage public opinion




among its global audiences effectively. In addition to social media, Capcom has a welldeveloped investor website for providing users with relevant information such as income and
profit. We ranked Capcom's excellent public relations 4 out of 5.
The third function that we evaluated is customer service and support. This involves the
social media and communication technologies used by the companies to provide excellent
customer services and support. Ubisoft's strategy involves the creation of a global contact info
website, which provides users with an insight into the most reliable contacts to reach the support
team. The company has developed support and service platforms that assist users of various
Ubisoft products when faced with technical issues. Other customer support strategies employed
by the company include live chat channels and webmail. Capcom has a customer service
platform known as the Capcom press center, which allows users to inte...

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