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This activity is to be a reflective and reflexive application of course content by each student considering her/his personal conception of stratification, in terms of social status and of identity.

Using Kimmel and Ferber (Eds.), Privilege: A Reader, you will utilize the Discussion Questions and Activities

Reflection: Journal Questions 2-6; Personal Connections C and D, pages 295-296

For maximum earnings, the terms/concepts ideas addressed in the discussion questions should be integrated in your responses. Submissions should have reflection identified in the submission.

***Attachments are a copy of the pages and grading rubric***

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Grading Rubric for Critical Reviews and Essays For each prepared response, you may earn points for each response based on the criteria below (a percentage of what is possible; note that percentages accumulate). What you earn will be based on the percentage that you have completed and met the criteria. That is, your earning will be based on the extent of your inclusion of these items in your response. The percentages indicate that you included that item and the ones above it. You did not submit the exercise (no credit). You submitted the exercise, yet it was not presented utilizing word processing. (You may earn 20% maximum) Exercise was submitted, yet consistent style guides (APA or ASA preferred) were not followed. (You may earn 40% maximum). Responses are complete, yet lack coherence – all items and questions have been addressed but are disorganized and not logical. (You may earn 60% maximum) Responses are at critical thinking levels indicated below: Level 1: Elementary clarification is provided; information is there without elaboration. Surface information is provided and statements are made without justification – that is, reference citations. (You may earn 70% maximum) Level 2: In-depth clarification is provided as evident by analysis that looks at assumptions as well as findings. Additional information is provided or suggested but without explanation. (You may earn between 80 and 90% maximum) Level 3: Inferences are made and conclusions are based on evidence from prior statements; generalizing is evident by use of examples. In-depth information is provided and substantiated with citation or other reference. (You may earn 100% ...
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Privilege Reflections
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Privilege Reflections

Some scholars resist embracing an intersectional approach mainly because it would
provide evidence that goes against some of the theories that they are trying to prove. They are
likely to avoid evidence that may disprove their opinions, and hence they opt to stay out. An
example o...

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