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The management is nearly ready to proceed with their global expansion. The last remaining item that is needed before the strategic plan, is an understanding of any accounting issues that might come up, as well as an overall view of the supply chain. Your task is to present an analysis of these areas.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation where you describe, discuss, and analyze the following information.

  1. Present the key factors in international accounting, including any cultural differences in accounting practices. Include issues that the management needs to know about in regard to its expansion in your selected country.
  2. Identify the company’s approach to supply chain management, including a discussion of manufacturing strategy, approach to sourcing, technology employed and quality management (C18). Describe strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the supply chain that may result from entry into the new country. If you cannot locate information on the company's supply chain, then find one in a similar industry. If you cannot find a supply chain in a similar industry, find any supply chain and make it fit with your organization.
  3. Present your recommendations on whether to use a local management team or a corporate management in your selected country for the startup. How should they then proceed with leadership in the ongoing phases of expansion?
  4. Incorporate at least one chart, graph or table into this presentation.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Length: 5-10 slides (with separate title and reference slide)
  • Speaker Notes: 80-200 words for each slide need to be in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. These speaker notes should thoroughly describe the details of the slide.
    Include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style.
  • The presentation should follow good PowerPoint design principles (e.g., readable font, uses one template, one inch borders around the slides) and contain transitions, builds, and animation when appropriate.
  • The first slide in the presentation should be the title page. The last slide(s) in the presentation should be the list of references you used for the assignment in APA format.
  • In addition to the textbook material for this course, use at least two (2) outside peer reviewed journal articles or other textbook references. Use the SPC on-line library to search for and obtain journal articles for this assignment. Websites and other non-peer reviewed references may be used if properly cited in APA format, but these supplemental references are not counted toward the requirement of two peer reviewed journals or other textbook references.
  • Save the file as a PPT file and upload the completed assignment in the Drop Box

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Export and import Student’s Name: Institution’s Name: Imported goods  Goods to be sourced in the country include:  .Crude oil  Integrated circuit  Motor vehicles  Iron ore  Plastics in primary forms Locally sourced goods  Goods sourced locally include:  1.Multicolor shoe laces  2.Mobile waterproof bag  3.traditional classic paper folding Import and export regulations  One good that the company may import is the iron ore. Import regulations include:  Must have an import license(Brooks et al. 2018).  Must have Tariff rate quotas  One god that the company may export is copper and article. Regulations for export include:  Must have export license  Must have export certification/inspection Collaborative arrangement  Our company collaborates with other companies in the international operations so as to overcome legal constraints, minimize their exposure in risky areas, gain specific-location assets(Grant et 2015). . Policies for collaborative arrangement ▪ The company must actively participate in joint operating practices ▪ They must be exposed to significant risks and reward depending on the commercial success Recommendations  The company should choose partners based on strategic goals, capability and value potential(Brooks et al. 2018).  The firm should invest in the right people and infrastructure  The company should collaborate for long term Imports and exports Imported goods Exported goods Crude oil Multicolor shoe laces Integrated circuit Mobile waterproof bag Motor vehicles Traditional classic paper bag Iron ore plastics References  Grant, J. H., Peterson, E., & Ramniceanu, R. (2015). Assessing the impact of SPS regulations on US fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 144-163.  Brooks, A. L., Wang, S., & Jambeck, J. R. (2018). The Chinese import ban and its impact on global plastic waste trade. Science advances, 4(6), eaat0131.  Speckbacher, G., Neumann, K., & Hoffmann, W. H. (2015). Resource relatedness and the mode of entry into new businesses: internal resource accumulation vs. access by collaborative arrangement. Strategic Management Journal, 36(11), 1675-1687. Global Business Markets Global Business Markets Economic Characteristics of China •2nd largest economy in the world •Manufacturing hub – producer of laborintensive goods (Fogel, 2012) •Largest exporter in the world, 2nd largest importer •Has large foreign exchange reserves Global Business Markets China Export & Import Trends (Ross, 2016) •a Global Business Markets Economic Characteristics of China •Biggest employer in China is service industry •Population estimated to be over 1.3 billion people (World Population Review, 2019) – offers large market for company •Majority of population is middle-class Global Business Markets Ethical Considerations •Senior managers requesting for kickbacks in exchange for trade •Cheap production but high copyright infringement rates leading to poor quality goods at low-prices – creates unfair competition Global Business Markets Managing Ethics and Business •Largest manufacturing hub but poor management – need to educate on ethical principles, develop clear guidelines •Have clear policy guidelines from onset to help deal with potential copyright infringement Global Business Markets References •Fogel, K. G. (2012). Business Environment In China: Economic, Political, And Cultural Factors. Retrieved from •World Population Review (2019). China. Retrieved from •Ross, J. (2016). The global impact of China's continued 'reform and opening up'. Retrieved from International Business Project Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor Bear Mattress Company  The Company is Bear Mattress  Have several stores in the USA (Brauneis, & Moerland, 2018)  Enjoys increased revenue annually Recommended market place  China the recommended country  Gaining international sales  Provide high marker demand (de Góes, & da Rocha, 2015) Expanding Business to China  Potential growth for new industries  Excellent business environment (de Góes, & da Rocha, 2015)  Stable economic status and diversification of product lines The cultural environment of China  Favor business operations  Support business ethics, social values, and communications  Appreciates financial relationships (de Góes & da Rocha, 2015) The political environment of China  Political stability (de Góes & da Rocha, 2015)  Political and population diversification  Politicians are economists Legal environment of China  Involves bureaucracy and regulations  Focuses on business owners and global expansion  Focuses on trademarks and intellectual property rights (de Góes, & da Rocha, 2015) The Chinese market size Reference  Brauneis, R., & Moerland, A. (2018). Monopolizing Matratzen in Malaga: The Mistreatment of Distinctiveness of Foreign Terms in EU and US Trademark Law. GWU Legal Studies Research Paper.  de Góes, B. B., & da Rocha, A. (2015). International expansion of marcopolo (A): Adventures in China. Journal of Business Research, 68(2), 225-240.  Ni, Z. X., Wang, D. Z., & Xue, W. J. (2015). Investor sentiment and its nonlinear effect on stock returns— New evidence from the Chinese stock market based on panel quantile regression model. Economic Modelling, 50, 266-274. Rezarta Malci MAN3600 11/03/2019 level of competitiveness in China  Majority of Chinese products are used locally  Similar products as the import product to china  Competition from local industries Market Trends Appearing in China  Technology  Automobile  Steel business  Textile The trade factor affecting mobility of products in China  Consumer price index  Use of the commodity  Person attitude and beliefs  Population in that geographical area Charts Government protectionist policies  Quota licensing (2005)  Free trade Agreements (2015)  Customs and licensing (2018)  Product standards (2018)  Trade description and labeling (2010) Reference  Brick, A. (1992). The Yankee Traders' Message to Clinton: Trade Begets Democracy inChina. YANKEE, 12, 346.  McKibbin, W. J. (2008). China and the global environment. China, Asia, and the New World Economy, 18.  McKibbin, W. J. (2008). China and the global environment. China, Asia, and the New World Economy, 18.  YANG, H. J., SUN, L. Y., & WU, A. B. (2008). Research on Changing Trend of China's Manufacturing Industrial Agglomeration Degree and Its Affecting Factors [J]. China Industrial Economics, 4(241), 64-72. Rezarta Malci 10/10/2019 MAN3600 Role of Banks and Foreign Exchange  Quasicommercial institutions in China exhibit a golden- triangle kind of relationship with the government and companies.  Firms have access to cheaper sources of finance.  This gives them a competitive edge over their western counterparts  production costs are relatively low (Wang, 2017). Roles of Banks and Foreign Exchange  Chinese commercial banks convert foreign currencies  They also trade on such currencies (Lardy, 1995).  The international Chinese banks offer corporate financing  Trade finance is also enabled by commercial banks with international presence Impact of Foreign Exchange Rates  Effects can be broadly divided into liquidity, transactional,     credit and translational risks. Most foreign exchange impact can be seen on the transactional side (Asteriou, Masatci & Pılbeam 2016). Supplier payments results in exchange rate exposures. Sales forecast also affects foreign companies Balance sheet hedging is also a challenge Recommended Techniques  Businesses need to combat risks associated with foreign exchange rates.  Companies can employ different techniques to combat currency markets.  Forecasting and determination of profits play critical role in determining a suitable technique.  One possible technique is Sport Transfer. Recommended Techniques  The other techniques is Forward Contracts.  It is used when securing a transfer rate for a future date.  Especially important when planning for future transactions (Alagidede & Ibrahim, 2017).  Offers protection when rates change in the future. Exchange Rate History References  Wang, J. Y. (2007). What drives China's growing role in Africa? (No. 7-211). International Monetary Fund.  Lardy, N. R. (1995). The role of foreign trade and investment in China's economic transformation. The China Quarterly, 144, 1065-1082.  Asteriou, D., Masatci, K., & Pılbeam, K. (2016). Exchange rate volatility and international trade: International evidence from the MINT countries. Economic Modelling, 58, 133-140.  Alagidede, P., & Ibrahim, M. (2017). On the causes and effects of exchange rate volatility on economic growth: Evidence from Ghana. Journal of African Business, 18(2), 169-193. ...
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International Business Project

Factors in International Accounting
Factors affecting International Accounting include:
➢ Sources of funding
➢ Legal system (Zeghal & Mhe...

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