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Assignment Requirements

For this assignment, you will create a website. You can use a website builder or blogging platform of your choice, such Google Sites, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, etc. On this website, you will be writing & publishing posts that reflect your ongoing research. Each of these posts will be based on ONE source that you think is a valuable part of your research. Your website will have a total of seven posts. The purpose of your posts will be to inform the reader about your source and to evaluate the source for credibility and relevance.

Each post must:

  • Be a 300-400 words (max)
  • Full & correct citation for your source (you may choose any style as long as it is consistent throughout your blog)
  • Introduce the source & provide a summary of the content of the source
    (i.e. key points, main arguments)
  • Include 1-2 relevant quotes directly from the source
  • Evaluate the credibility & reliability of the source
  • Evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of the source
  • Explain why this source is relevant to your research questions
  • Identify how this source can lead you to further research and/or how this source relates to the other sources you have found in your research

The website is already made i just need a post for each of the following sources

- https://learnaboutfilm.com/making-a-film/organising-filmmaking-process/

- https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/film-production/0/steps/12304

- https://courses.lumenlearning.com/introliterature/chapter/how-to-analyze-a-film/

- https://www.govtech.com/education/news/The-Roles-of-the-Production-Team.html

Here is an example of one of the post, the style must be consistent:

  • The article "A VERY SHORT HISTORY OF CINEMA" was an article that was written by the Science Media Museum. The Science Media Museum explores the arts of light and sound technology and how all of this technology impacts our society’s people. They share behind the scene stories, So this article is useful and credible because they have not only the knowledge of filmmaking but also on-hand experience of what they talk about. In this article, they talk about a small part of the history of cinema. At the beginning of the article it started off with giving me a brief history of how movie-making had begun. The article stated "No one person invented cinema...in 1891 the Edison Company in the USA successfully demonstrated a prototype of the Kinetoscope...The first to present projected moving pictures to a paying audience (i.e. cinema) was the Lumière brothers in December 1895 in Paris." This tells me that no one specific created cinema but because of the kinetoscope it inspired the two brothers to create a film.
  • This article is perfect for my research because it relates to my main research question "How have movies evolved from the beginning of filmmaking?" The text gives me background on each aspect of films and how it has changed for the better in the long run. They explain categories like the upcoming of films, when they added color and sound to films, the golden age of cinema and how it has increased in popularity in the society. This article also talks about how after televisions started to compete with films. It gave filmmakers a conflict or technical experiments, that made movie makers have to change they had to shoot shots and other parts of the movie. This source got me thinking about the equipment they use to use when they were making movies back then. Like the kinetoscope, I can look into how this invention inspired cinema to be invented.

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Film Making Processes
The article, "The film making process step by step," explores the processed used in
making a film from the time of planning to the time when the film is shown to an audience. The
film making process involves planning and getting ready to film, filming, or production and
completing the film and getting it ready to show. In the planning process, the filming ideas are
checked, a script is written, and all the resources required for filming, such as the people
involved, the venue, and the lighting is checked to meet the requirement. In the filming or
production process, the resources are rechecked before starting the filming, and this stage
requires more practice in shooting (Barrance, 2014). Check what has been shot to ensure that it is
appropriate before leaving the location. Lastly, in the post-production, the footage is looked
through before the editing. Editing should be done in a systematic manner so as to capture all the
aspects and correct all possible mistakes.
The article is a credible and reliable source because it is up to date, and the information
provided is reliable and applicable in the world of film making. The credibility of the article is
also seen on the fact that it is properly referenced and a product of Amazon.com.
This article is perfect for the discussion because it provides information that is applicable
to the topic of discussion. The article shows the current film making processes that indicate a
change compared to the processes used at the time of its origination. Additionally, the concepts
in the article i...

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