ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography


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ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography
ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography
ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography
ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography
ENG101 Examination of a Black Leader Malcom X Paper and Annotated Bibliography

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Running head: MALCOM X


Examination of a Black Leader: Malcom X

Authors Note



Malcom X is considered to be a black charismatic leader Muslim leader of the early
1960s and late 1950s. He is among the most prominent personalities of the 20th century. His
name is a symbol of greatness, and to his admirers, he is a representation of black pride, selfdetermination, defiance, and black empowerment. He was born as Malcom in 1925. His father
was an outspoken Baptist minister and an avid supporter of Marcus Garvey. His mother was a
homemaker who occupied herself with the taking of a family of eight children. The family
relocated twice before the fourth birthday of Malcom X due to death threats from white
supremacist organizations (Zakaria, 2016). Malcolm's father was killed in1929 because of his
civil rights activism. Although white supremacist organization Black Legion was responsible for
the murder, the incident was ruled as an accident by the police. The family was adversely
affected by the loss of a breadwinner. Malcolm's mother suffered an emotional breakdown and
was admitted to a mental institution. Her children were forced to live in various orphanages and
foster care homes. The early life experience played a key role in shaping Malcom to become a
vibrant leader who advocated for the rights of the minority.
In 1946, Malcom was arrested for burglary and imprisoned for 10 years. After seven
years in prison, he was paroled. During his time in prison, He converted to Islam due to the
influence of his brother. He started reading the teachings of Elijah Muhammad that advocated for
freedom and separation from white supremacy. The white society was considered to be a
stumbling block to the empowerment and liberation of African America. Malcom resonated with
Islam teaching since it advocated for African Americans to fight for a state of their own to attain
socio-economic and political freedom. Malcom was a devoted Muslim by the time he was
paroled in 1952. He adopted a new surname called X to signify that he had lost his tribal name.


Malcom X leadership style

Examining the leadership models and theories are essential in understanding why certain
leaders are successful, and others are considered failures. Commitment, experience, knowledge,
patience, and negotiation skills required to work with others in attaining certain defined
objectives are critical for an individual to become a good leader. Although it may be argued that
great leaders are naturally born like in the case of Malcom X, it is possible to enhance leadership
abilities through training, education, self-study, and accumulation of relevant experience. The
basis of strong leadership is considered to be selfless devotion and strong character. Malcom X is
depicted as an authentic leader of his time (Tshaka, 2015). The basis of authentic leadership (AL)
is authenticity, which entails being true and real in every situation. As the world migrates
towards a knowledge-based economy, AL has become of great importance. It has been linked to
several desirable outcomes such as enhanced performance, creativity, and harmony. Malcom X is
one of the greatest leaders in the 20th century whose leadership can be examined based on the
AL concept.
Malcom X was considered to be a natural-born leader due to his exceptional oratory
skills. He had an incessant drive and ability to command the masses through repetitive pet theme.
He could speak rapidly and overtop others. He demonstrated his leadership ability as a child
through remarkable effectiveness as a leader of his peers. Contingency theory is an applicable
concept during the early life of Malcom X because of the social context during that period. His
style of leadership is described at harping, combative and assertive during that stage of life, and
perfectly fits into the situation and the type of individuals he interacted with. At the time, he
interacted with those who only respected muscle and might (Liu, 2018). Malcom X's leadership



style is depicted as transformation and confrontational and played a key role in enabling him to
develop a focused and militaristic following.
Authenticity and genuineness were two critical attributes that made Malcom X highly
appealing in his later life. He was a true authentic leader who openly expressed his pleasures and
displeasures with no apology. Malcom X often reiterated the conviction that he and his followers
should never sellout. The principle of selling out violated everything he stood for and would
stray his followers away from the truth and back into the control of oppressors...

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