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Michelle, Elena, and the Mobile Manufacturing, Inc. (MM) board of directors know how important it is to understand the environment in which it is operating. They hired you—a highly-regarded marketing consultant—to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing plan. You are scheduled to meet with Michelle and Elena next week to discuss the environmental conditions that are relevant to introducing the new product.

As you prepare for the meeting, you consider all of the possible environmental issues. You recognize that Elena brings an interesting perspective to the process because she has experience designing mobile phones for the Eastern European market, and she is pushing for a new product that can be marketed worldwide. On the other hand, Michelle is more concerned with the domestic marketplace and is worried that trying to market a new product anywhere outside the United States—much less worldwide—could be very risky.

You sit down to start your work on the marketing plan, and you begin by drafting some goals that the marketing plan needs to address.

Walking through the halls at MM, you ponder the job that lies ahead. Coming out of her office, Michelle spots you and heads in your direction.

"I'm so glad you're here," she says. "Have you settled into your office?"
"Yes," you say. "I'm eager to get started."
Michelle enters your office and takes a seat in a chair. "I'm scheduled to make a presentation to the board at the quarterly meeting next week. I know it's short notice, but I was wondering if you could pull together a 30-minute presentation for them?" she asks.
"What would you like me to present?" you ask.
"As you know, you and Elena have been brought on to revitalize the product line for the company. Your role is to create a winning marketing plan that will allow us to capitalize on the new product that Elena is designing. The board would like you to discuss some of the issues that you will be considering as you develop the marketing plan for the new product. I know they're especially interested in your thoughts on the global market."
"That sounds like a great idea," you say.

Consider the environmental variables (i.e., technological, demographic, economic, political, and cultural variables) that you must include in your marketing plan, and answer the following:

  • Which of the environmental factors do you feel is the most critical, and why?
  • What might someone with an opposing viewpoint think is the most important?
    • Given this opposing argument, how would you argue your opinion?
  • What solutions should be considered as you seek to develop a sense of ownership of your plan?
  • What solutions would you recommend to the board, and why?
  • Is a compromise feasible?

I have attached the answer I gave for this part in order to help you with this assignment.

Main Part of Assignment Is Here:

10-15 PowerPoint slides (each slide should include 200-250 words each in the notes section) w/references and citation.

Based on your discussions with Michelle, you have developed a clear picture of the environmental issues that will affect the initial release of the new product. As you compile your notes, the phone rings.

“Hi. This is Michelle. I want to touch base with you about your presentation to the board next week. Do you have any questions about the upcoming meeting?”
“Thanks for calling,” you say. “You have good timing. I was just reviewing my notes and working on my PowerPoint presentation. I think I’ve covered the areas we discussed at our last meeting. Do you have something else that you want me to include?”
“Oh, good,” says Michelle. “Yes, I’d like you to share 3 or 4 goals for the marketing project, too. Make sure these goals are specific as possible. You might want to lead with the goals, but I’ll leave that up to you. Naturally you’ll need to do some research to determine the types of goals that are relevant for a new product project like this. Be as specific as you can when outlining realistic expectations.
“Okay,” you say as you jot down more notes. “Anything else?”
“Just be sure to include your thoughts about whether we should develop a product that can be marketed world-wide. You know that is one of their main concerns. You’ll have about 30 minutes for your presentation. ”
“Will do. Thanks for the information. I think about 10–15 slides should be about right for a 30-minute presentation.”

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

The students should list and explain 3–4 goals that a company in this situation should set for itself. The explanations should be 2–3 sentences each, and they should include citations from the text and other sources. Each goal should be as specific as possible; for example, the goals might include—among other things—the following items:

  • Sales in dollars or units
  • Market share
  • Customer awareness
  • Profit
  • Return on investment
  • Customer satisfaction

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Carla Dempsey Global Marketing 11/15/2019 With every growing company large or small, profit is the primary motivation. Several companies expand their horizons by seeking global opportunities. In a world where everything is at your fingertips with the push of a button it is easy to see why companies are expanding their products to different regions of the world. There are several key factors when expanding a company into the global market. Some of the most important environmental factors to expand Mobile Marketing Inc. (MM) will be economic factors, legal factors and technological factors. Economic factors are one of the most important aspects for a company that has a mobile product they are marketing globally. For example, from an economically standpoint a country with a good GDP means the people within that country has more money and are more likely to buy the latest products produced by the company. Seeing this in a different perspective from another’s point of view, one can oppose and argue that with the overall economic crisis the world is facing can have a direct impact on the company (Haseeb, 2017). With uncertainties that could arise the company may have to change its strategies in order to stay relevant in the changing global market in order to stay current and one step ahead in the market. Legal factors for the company with several rivals in the industry will have to be very cautious about legal issues like copyrights and patented issues. MM will have to abide by all legal forms in order to increase the trust and relationships they build with customers. In order to maintain a good image in the global market all the proper steps should be taken in order to stay relevant in the market and other countries as they market globally (Haseeb, 2017). MM will have to be creative in their designs and features with their devices in order to stay ahead of the competition to gain control of patents and copyrights to their products. Technology will also be a very important piece to the puzzle in a world on innovation. Technology will be imperative to stay one step ahead of the competition with its state-of-the-art techniques and systems. This is an essential key to keep in view while launching devices and the features they have to offer and could possibly need adjusted in different global markets as all markets have a demand for different things. The latest trends in advance technology will maximize a company like MM in a global market. Jumping into the global market can be risky. Although the stacks can be high and could potentially have a negative impact and can also pay off in a big way. If a marketing plan is put in place and designed strategically and implemented to weigh all the factors, then the global market could be very lucrative. As John F. Kennedy once said, “There are risks and costs to action, but they are far less then the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” (Juma, 2019). References: Haseeb. (2017, March 21). PESTLE Analysis of Samsung. Retrieved November 16, 2019, from Juma, N. (2019, July 22). 60 John F. Kennedy quotes on life, politics, and greatness. Retrieved from The Marketing Environment. (n.d.). Retrieved from ...
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