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Major Information Security Incident

Identify a major information security incident that has occurred in the last 5 years. If possible, identify a breach that occurred in, or otherwise impacted, the Middle East. Review and analyze your chosen incident along the following dimensions:

  • What went wrong?
  • Why did it occur?
  • Who was responsible?
  • How could it have been prevented?
  • What actions would you take to ensure that this security incident would not be replicated in your organization?


  • Your critical evaluation should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • You must include a minimum of two credible sources to support your evaluation.
  • Your paper must follow APA style guidelines

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Careem Data Breach


Careem Data Breach

Careem is the biggest ride-hailing company in the Middle East that competes with Uber
in that region and has a membership capacity of 14 million users spread out in over 13 countries
and 90 cities in the region. Following the events of January 14th, 2018, there is little doubt that
terrorism is only one of the many challenges facing the residents of the Middle East. Breaches in
information systems security for companies based in the region are as common as they are
anywhere else on the planet with equally devastating effects, if not more. The company’s attack
brought into fore the various issues of system security, providing insight into the victims of an
attack in case of system vulnerabilities and an outlook of the problems with data security that
most companies neglect to observe. However, the incident had its positives as well, spotlighting
on the potential of system vulnerabilities and providing similar organizations with an opportunity
for preventive action concerning a matter of data breaches.
Incident Description
According to information from the company sources, the January 14th, 2018 attack on
the company database targeted primary data for drivers and users, obtaining unauthorized access
to names email addresses and physical addresses of the 14 million users and 588, 000 drivers on
the databases. The Careem breach is a classic example of a malware attack in that it provides
access to confidential data without the necessary authentication. In ...

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