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Nike versus Reebok
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In the current competitive environment, there are various ways that organizations can use
to market their products. Reebok and Nike have been significant competitors since the start of
production of modern athletic shoes. Through the application of rhetorical techniques, Reebok
aims at closing the reputation and competitive gap on Nike as well as becoming the market
leader in the sale of athletic shoes. Both Nike and Reebok companies have the same target
audience as they aim to sell products to the general public. The marketing campaign of both
organizations target any person that has an interest in biking, running, and playing baseball. They
target anyone with the capability to exercise.
Since it was founded in 1895, Reebok has been among the major competitors of Nike.
The company has experienced tremendous growth in the company to become one of the leading
producers of athletic shoes. The distinctive competitive factor of Reebok is its ability to develop
new products such as the current helmet impact sensor. Even though Nike was not a multimillion dollar corporation when founded in 1964, the firm has gained significant market share in
the industry. During the start of 1970, Nike was only, but a small company but the waffle sole
shoe design was critical in enabling them to make a breakthrough in the market.
Financial Analysis Overview
It is essential to perform at least two types of analysis for the determination of the
financial position of an organization. It involves analyzing the performance of the company over
time and comparing it with significant competitors and the industry. Different changing trends in
the region have impacted on the global athletic footwear sector. Innovations used by market
players in devel...

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