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Resources: Week 1 Assignment: Letter to the Admissions Board, University Library, and the Internet.

In Week 1, you researched two careers in psychology that are of interest to you professionally. This week, you will choose one area to focus on and find additional information related to that career.

Locate an article in the University Library that discusses an area of psychology you are interested in.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that includes the following:

  • A summary of the article.
  • An explanation of how this career aligns with your professional interests.
  • An explanation of the steps needed to find a job in your selected field of psychology.
  • A description of how you would develop your skills in this field based on the information presented in the article and your readings.
  • Identify a professional organization that aligns with this field. Describe the resources that are provided by that organization.

Include scholarly references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

My field choice is counseling

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Article Summary
Counseling psychology is a health service and a general practice in the psychology
professional. Importantly, it mainly focuses on the functions of individuals and their
relationships in all stages of their lives. Additionally, counseling psychology addresses the
social, emotional, school, work, and physical health individuals may have at various stages of
their lives by focusing on everyday stress of lives and more severe issues which individuals
might be struggling with individually and as part of a group, family, and organization. Most
importantly, the most critical role of counselors is assisting people with emotional, psychical,
and mental health problems improve their wellbeing, resolve their crises, and alleviate distress
feelings (Gelso et al., 2014). More so, they facilitate diagnosis, examination, and treatment of
more severe psychological conditions and symptoms.

Counselor psychology is specialized knowledge. Importantly, across all the stages of
human development including adulthood, childhood, adolescence, and older age, counseling
psychologist mainly focus on the health aspects and strength of their clients whether the clients
are perceived as couples, individuals, groups, families, or organizations. Similarly, they also
focus situational and environmental influences such as how gender, culture, and lifestyle
elements shape individuals' concerns and experiences (Gelso et al., 2014). Additionally,
counselors also focus on issues of social justice and diversity advocacy, and the role of work and
career in the lives of people.
Furthermore, the problems counseling psychology addresses range from cultural,
environmental, and developmental perspectives. Therefore, these problems include career, work,
and school adjustment concerns, making decisions concerning work and career and addressing
school-work transitions, and relationship challenges such as family and marital difficulties. Also,



counseling psychology addresses skills and learning defects, management of stress and coping
with adverse life events, organizational challenges, and dealing with and adjusting to injury,
illnesses, and psychological disabilities additionally, in some cas...

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