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Each student will be responsible for preparing one presentation on pharmacological management of the disease or pharmacological applications of a drug or group of drugs.

  1. 'Pharmacological Effects of Anti-hypertensive Medications in the Management of Hypertension and Nursing Implications'.
    • Nursing Implications are the nursing related consequences and what you as the nurse should be looking for in the treatment and care of your patient.
  2. Students must get their title approved by the professor before the deadline shown in your schedule. Unapproved titles will not be accepted
  3. The presentation must identify the Pharmacodynamic properties and actual/potential effects on the patient.
  4. This is worth 20 points.

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 According to Nguyen et al (2010), every 1 in 3 adults in the United States are highly
likely to be affected by HTN.
 The number of new cases diagnosed every new year is 2 million.
 Some of the etiologies for HTN are the Renovascular disease, Chronic kidney disease,
medications, among others.
 Management of Hypertension
 Among the strategies used to manage HTN, Anti-hypertensive Medications is one that is
widely used.
 This is in most cases re...

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