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Scope of Cloud Computing Audit For a Business Paper

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Describe in 500 words or more the scope of a cloud computing audit for your business.

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Scope of Cloud Computing Audit Name Institution Scope of Cloud Computing Audit An audit can be defined as a situation where a third-party member or an organization engages in a business organization intending to obtain evidence by inquiring, observations, re-performance, physical inspections, confirmation and analytics procedures. A cloud computing audit follows the same procedure to come up with an opinion about the operational effectiveness and the design in the following areas, communication, risk management, data management, network security, security incidents, and system development among others. The scope of a business audit includes the procedures related to the subject of the audit, IT general controls specific to the organization and administrative, communication, change management, monitoring services, system operations and logical and physical assessment. In a business cloud computing audit, the auditor can require evidence for any of the controls listed above to ascertain that the controls are designed and operate according to the specified standards. On the contrary, controls that are managed by a vendor are not in the scope of cloud computing audit. The following are the specific audit tests to be performed on different controls. Concerning the organization and administration of my business, the auditors are supposed to inspect the structure of the business, job positions and also the roles and responsibilities of employees and observe interviews to determine whether the company tests technical competence. In the communication control area, the audit is supposed to inspect policies and procedures in place, inspect the terms...

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