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How Cookies Show Users Deleted History Paper

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Explain how cookies can show that a user has visited a site if that user's history has been deleted.

Optional: install Windows Historian and see the sites visited by a particular user.

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How Cookies Show User’s Deleted History Name Institution How Cookies Show User’s Deleted History Cookies are a collection of data collected about the user when he/she visits a website to remember information about the user for example preference for a particular site. Some are harmless and are only used to improve user experience and also monitoring how the users are using the site. These are known as session cookies. Contrarily, others are harmful as they keep track of the user’s activities even on websites they did not originate from. These are referred to as third-party persistent cookies. Cookies can either be permanent or temporary: temporary cookies get erased once the user leaves the websites while permanent cookies are stored in the machine and have an expiration date. Many websites collect cookies by prompting users to fill in information like email addresses and passwords and setting preferences enabling the user to restore his/her preference even if the cookie file is lost. Many times, deleting browsing history does not delete cookies, therefore, allowing the site to identify when a user visits the website again from the previous ID assigned. Permanent cookies are stored in the machines hard-drive and each time the user logs in to the website he is identified by a unique identifier assigned to the machine ID. However, since if these cookies c...

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