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NTC300 University of Phoenix Drotos Engineering Troubleshooting Flow Chart


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The Drotos Engineering cloud migration project went well. The company is also doing well, and Senior decided to purchase another engineering application to enable the company to pursue another line of business.

Looking back at the initial cloud migration project, you realize that having some troubleshooting documentation and guidance would have been helpful. You decide to create a troubleshooting flowchart, or decision tree, to help with the deployment and implementation of the new software.

Part 1

Use Microsoft® Visio® to create a flowchart that will help identify and resolve issues related to:

  • Deploying a new cloud-based application
  • Access and performance issues related to a cloud-based application

Incorporate the standard cloud troubleshooting methodology and sound logic in your flowcharts.

Part 2

Annotate the flowchart to show paths to follow for troubleshooting:

  • An issue related to the deployment of an application on a server
  • An employee not being able to access an application

Note: You may review Section 16, "Flowcharts," of "Visio® 2007 Essential Training" with David Rivers from® if you are unfamiliar with creating flowcharts in Microsoft® Visio®.

Part 3

Provide a 1-page overview in Microsoft® Word of the flowchart.

Include the following in your overview:

  • The purpose of the flowchart
  • High-level instructions of how to use the flowchart

Compress your diagram and summary into a ZIP file

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