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Revise the paper, it needs a clear theory thesis.

Revise the paper, it needs a clear theory thesis.Revise the paper, it needs a clear theory thesis.

Revise the paper, it needs a clear theory thesis.

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The Coming War with Iran
Chris Zhang
Diablo Valley College





The Iran-U.S relationship has been declining since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. From then, the
U.S has viewed Iran as a threat to the peace of the world. The latest event that has increased the
U.S.-Iran enmity is Iran’s hatched nuclear program. The U.S has devised economic sanctions in
response to Iran's nuclear weapon arsenal to block its ability to access conventional weaponry. In
2015, the United States government withdrew from JCPOA citing that the nuclear agreement never
addressed the wide range of U.S needs. Today the United States is in a mission to apply maximum
pressure on Iran's economy for it to surrender its nuclear program. This paper is centered on the
potential of military confrontation of the United States and Iran and when this could be. Also, through
the use of literature available on this topic, this paper questions whether the military war between
the duo countries is the only option for this long life conflict. The construct of this paper has focused
on the historical background of the U.S-Iran from 1907-1979, 1979 (Islamic revolution)-present,
theoretical analysis, and the data from Iran (is not the problem) film. The history from 1907 to 1979
has demonstrated the Iran and United Stated' relationship has been cyclically over the years and
defined by equally good and bad days. It is clear to see how the whole world currently foresees a
possible war between these two nations. This paper also takes a look at how the countries
neighbouring Iran, which are Israel and Iraq, may have contributed to the US-Iran conflict. To
analyze the conflict, this paper has used three schools of thought which are realism, institutionalism,
and Copenhagen school to propose possible solutions.
The Coming War with Iran Introduction



According to Gasiorowski, & Byrne, since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 of Iran, U.S-Iran
relations have been in adversarial relations, however, with varying intensity (2004). Since then, U.S
undertakes Iran as of a substantial threat to the U.S interest as well as its allies as Iran is viewed to
support Middle East militant groups (Kerr, 2018). The U.S has enacted policies in attempted to
constrain the nuclear program in Iran as from 2002, the program has advanced (Kerr, 2018). Also,
the United States has pursued measures to prevent Iran's ability to develop ballistic missiles as well
as purchase conventional weaponry. Notably, the Trump Administration withdrew the U.S from the
nuclear agreement of the 2015 JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in May 2018. A study
was done by Kerr, argues that the Trump administration proclaimed that the nuclear agreement did not
address the enormous U.S trepidations concerning Iran's behavior and therefore it would not forever
impede nuclear development by Iran. According to Kerr, United States Administration officials such
as Brian Hook and Michael Pompeo affirms that the U.S administration policy is to assert maximum
pressure on Iran's economy as a mechanism to deny Iran revenue used to develop its strategic
capabilities. Also, applying maximum pressure on Iran's economy will gear Iran to renegotiate for
JCPOA to include all U.S concerns. Besides, the administration statements hints that an element of
the policy will create sufficient economic troubles to facilitate turbulence in Iran, at this point the
regime will possibly collapse. As the United States has undertaken its policy on maximum pressure,
there are important bilateral tensions as the U.S has gone beyond the re-imposition of all U.S
sanction that wa s in operation b e f o r e the JCPOA affection in 2016. In response, Iran has
demonstrated its capacity to destroy global commerce as well as other U.S interest. Also, Iran has
raised fundamental concerns about its nuclear activities Possibly, Iran is trying to use International
actors such as countries in Asia, Russia, and Europeans Countries that rely on its stable oil supply to



push on the Administration of Trump to scrap its sanctions pressure on Iran. Notably, there is war
pressure between the U.S and Iran. The possibility of war can be examined by taking a view on the
historical background of the U.S-Iran relationship.
Historical Background of the U.S-Iran Conflict. From 1907 to 1979
As per the study of Byrne (2013), the U.S-Iran relations must be closely examined for a
proper understanding of how the abuse of power and colonialism has modeled the history of the duo
countries and defined their relationship. Kerr argues that the 4th of November 1979 is the time history
that defines the downfall of the U.S-Iran relationship (Kerr, 2018). On this very day, the American
Embassy in Tehran was invaded by Iranian students and held U.S hostage for four hundred and
forty-four days (Byrne, 2013). In response, the United States terminated its diplomatic relationship
with Iran in 1980. This marked a new dawn for the two countries a...

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