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We have all worked on projects whether formally (implementation of new software) or informally (planning a school program). In general, the Project Manager is assigned the role of managing the risk of the project, but everyone involved in the project including project team members, sponsors, key business unit stakeholders and the like, are responsible for the project. Consider your experience on a project and what contributed to its success or failure. Perhaps it is the project’s completion on time, in scope, within budget limits, stakeholder satisfaction, increase in market share, quality improvement, or other business measures of success or failure. Articulate and defend three common techniques used in quantitative risk analysis. Devise a ‘risk register’ format for a project with which you are familiar, describe the four basic response strategies for negative risks, and suggest a strategy for at least four items on your specific project risk register.


  • writing standards and APA style guidelines.
  • Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced
  • Write 4 paragraph essays (Introduction, body and conclusion)

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Running head: RISK ANALYSIS


Risk Analysis
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Projects involve a lot of tasks that need to be carried out to achieve a specific outcome. It
could be the production process of a new product or constructing a new building. There are simple
and complex projects. The magnitude of a project determines the number of project members. A
complex project requires a lot of people who have enough experience in the roles that they will be
playing in the team. The project manager controls all the activities and ensures that they are carried
out as per the plan. Following the plan ensures that the project is completed on time, and none of
the processes is omitted. Teamwork, responsibility, and commitment are essential values to
embrace in a team.
Consider your exp...

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