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make sure when you answer the questions the deal with pharmacy and the student is a 23 year male.

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The Wingate family. The world of pharmacy is very small. We would like to know how you heard about us and why you have chosen Wingate University School of Pharmacy. What has prompted you to apply to Wingate University School of Pharmacy? Campbell University Are there any elements of your application for which you would like to add additional details that are not covered under special circumstances (ex: academic struggles, PCAT scores, etc.)? In 500 characters or less define servant leadership and your dedication to service. FAMU College of Pharmacy Supplemental Questions applicants must provide responses to the following questions. Please describe your motivation for pursuing pharmacy as a career. Include any opportunities you have had to work or volunteer in a pharmacy or speak with pharmacists, pharmacy faculty, or pharmacy students about the profession of pharmacy. Describe the extracurricular activity that has given you the most satisfaction. What does professionalism mean to your in the context of being a student in a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree program? * Describe your personality including the strongest aspect and an area in which you would like to improve. ...
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The Wingate family

After speaking to several people including people I consider successful pharmacists, I
was directed to apply for a scholarship at Wingate. My mentor mentions that he studied in this
college, and I have nothing but admiration for his principles, professionalism, and leadership
traits when it comes to dealing with other members of staff and most impressively the patients.
He mentions that the values taught at Wingate are unmatched, and if I would like to pursue my
dream in pharmacy, I should seek a chance at Wingate Family. After visiting your website, your
teaching protocols that aim at enhancing the students' professionalism, clinical skills, and
classroom knowledge fascinated me further. I believe that this is the right place to nurture my
pharmaceutical passion and become a professional.

Having worked as an intern in a pharmaceutical store, I have developed a burning passion
for the field and will do anything to take up a chance to pursue pharmacy. People around me also
face challenges that I feel that I can only assist them to resolve if I pursued pharmacy. My
grandfather, for instance, needs pharmaceutical consultation, but he cannot afford it. Recently, he
had his 90th birthday and I wish he could grow older to see me succeed professionally. However,
I am always troubled by the fact that he is suffering too much with some conditions that come
with old age. The greatest struggle in maintaining his health is following his prescription drugs
and the cost of drugs. He takes 10 to 14 prescripti...

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