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Read and write a summary of a research article from the list of pre-approved articles written (or chosen) by USFSP faculty. Each article summary is worth 4 points of extra credit (1% increase on final course grade) and will be graded on a pass-fail basis according to grading rubric below.

Research Question

1.0 pts

Adequate description of the rationale for conducting the experiment includes some elements of theory, concepts, and leading to hypothesis.

0.0 pts

Failure to address the question. Either no response is given, or the explanation is not sufficient to understand what the theory is and how it relates to the hypothesis.

1.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMethods

1.0 pts

The analytical design and procedure are clearly described, including participants, procedures, and materials. Conceptual and operational definitions are well explained.

0.0 pts

The methods are inadequate and show the student does not understand how the analytical design and procedure are intended to test the study hypotheses.

1.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResults

1.0 pts

Adequate description of findings including concepts of significance, directionality, ect.

0.0 pts

Inadequate descriptions of the findings, such that the results of the study are not clear.

1.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusion

1.0 pts

Adequate descriptions of the interpretation described by the authors.

0.0 pts

Inadequate explanation of what the results mean according to the author’s interpretation.

1.0 pts

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EC Articles Summary



EC Articles Summary
Article 1
The research aimed to use clinical analysis to identify the tacit judgment and referral
policies of physicians. It was designed to establish the involved policies, the extent of individualinsight that physicians have on the policies, and the relationship between these judgments and
their attitudes towards cardiac rehabilitation. The study is based on social judgment theory that
influences tacit or implicit decision policies.
This research involves an online questionnaire that carried the clinical judgment
activities, the demography of the respondents, and the Attitude towards Cardiac Rehabilitation
Referral scale-ACRR (Beckstead et al., 2014). The study population involved is thirty-six
Canadian physicians that were required t...

CASIMIR (26338)
UC Berkeley

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