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In this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation of the project plan that you have been creating throughout this course. As you are creating the presentation, you will draw on assignments that you completed in Units III, V, and VI. Be sure that you have incorporated any feedback that you may have received from your professor. You will also be including information from the knowledge gained in this unit regarding international projects since you have been advised that there is a possibility of the project being repeated in your company’s branch office in another country. Please choose a country for this assignment, and conduct some research on the country’s culture and environment.

Create the presentation from the standpoint that you will be presenting your finished project plan to your stakeholders.Your presentation should consist of at least 15 slides, not counting the title slide and reference slide. Your presentation should include the components listed below.

  • Title slide
  • Project name and project manager name (you)
  • Goals of the project (reason for undertaking the project/anticipated benefits)
  • Project cost estimates
  • Project structure (functional, matrix, or projectized) with a definition of the structure
  • People/departments involved in the project
  • Timeline for completion (start date/estimated completion date)
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) of the project
  • Three of greatest risks in your project, their effects on the project, and your response to the risks
  • Parts of the project that will be outsourced
  • Six primary environmental factors that would affect the project when it is taken internationally
  • Description of culture shock that may be experienced by employees who go overseas to work on the project and strategies for coping with it
  • References slide

Some general guidelines to follow whenever preparing PowerPoint presentations are listed below.

  • Design your presentation with the back of the room in mind. It is important that everyone can easily see and read the content.
  • Select a professional-looking slide design (appropriate for the presentation/audience). White text on dark background is the easiest for the audience.
  • Use font size of at least 24.
  • Use color and graphics when appropriate.
  • Follow the 6 x 6 rule (no more than six lines per slide/no more than six words per line).
  • Utilize the Notes function to add your talking points.
  • Avoid complete sentences whenever possible; bullet points work best.
  • Add slide transitions to enhance the audience’s experience.
  • Make this a WOW presentation!

Be sure that citations and references follow proper APA formatting. You must use at least three references for this assignment,

Everything for this assignment is attached.

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE Project Management Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date 1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE 2 Unit II Project Topic Project name: Desktop Computer Deliveries and Supplies. Project manager name: Kyle White Project's goal (the reason for undertaking the project/anticipated benefits): We are undertaking this project so that we can supply 120 desktop computers to the newly founded Sanford High School, which will be used for the purposes of IT literacy. By undertaking this project, we aim at making profits since we will make purchases of computers and sell them at a higher price to the school. We also aim at expanding our business from the profits that we will make after making the supplies. Cost estimate (this is hypothetical, so do not spend too much time on this aspect): We are estimating the cost of one desktop computer to be 280 dollars. For the whole supply, we will need about 33 600 dollars. Project structure (functional, matrix, or projectized): We are using a matrix project structure because of its advantages over other project structures. It is easier to set up a reporting relationship as a grid rather than the hierarchical reporting. The departments will have a dual reporting relationship with the manager. We chose matrix over other structures because the resources can be used efficiently and equipment shared across projects. Our products involved in this project can be formally coordinated across functional departments. The information under the matrix structure will flow both across and up through the departments. People/departments involved: • Project manager • Assistant manager • Financial manager • Procurement officer • Drivers Potential risks/issues to overcome: The risks that we face include avoiding breaking computers during transportation. We are also facing the risk of inflation, rendering the computers more expensive than we have planned. Timeline for completion (start date/completion date): The project starts on the 15th of October 2019, to 15th November, 2019. Project scope Project objective: To deliver 120 desktop computers to Sanford High School. Deliverables: • 120 desktop computer monitors. • 120 Central processing units • Video graphic array cables • 120 pieces of keyboards • 120 computer mouses • 120 mouse pads. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE 3 Milestones: Rent delivery 5 delivery vans. Delivery the computers Set up the computers Technical requirements: We have access to sufficient vans for delivery purposes We have ample loading space at the wholesale store. We have enough drivers to deliver We have enough technical officers to set up computers at school. Limits and exclusions: The delivery period set to take exactly one month. Each desktop computer supposed to make about 35 dollars turnover Reviews with the customer: Deliveries official Project Stakeholders: • The management of Sanford High School • Management of wholesale suppliers • Management of the project Work breakdown structure (WBS): Our work breakdown includes authorizing the funds from our account to the financial manager, who will pass it on to the procurement officer. We will also institute ways of overcoming the problems associated with the project so that we minimize the losses. We will ensure that everything is done according to the schedule so that we complete the project within one month, as we have projected. We will then assign the deliveries to the drivers and the technical officers who will set up the computers in school. We will ensure that the deliveries are done smoothly, according to the expectations of the school management. Importance of the WBS: The work breakdown structure enables the project manager to plan their work more effectively. A project is characterized by activities that are limited in timeline and frames. The project manager must also plan for the timeline and the costs that are required in finishing the project. A work breakdown helps project managers in creating independent tasks that are measurable. Work breakdown enables the project management to assign costs to each task that is to be carried out. Work breakdown is also necessary for tracking the project progress within the schedule. Work breakdown enables the project is running smoothly by defining the scope of the project without incurring extra costs. The breakdown structure helps the management in assigning responsibility for the tasks. Responsibility states who does what task and at what time. In assigning responsibilities, each task is completed within the required time and fulfills the purpose of the project. The work breakdown ensures that the project goes according to the plan and does not include any work that was not part of the plan. • • • • • • • • • • • • • PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE 4 References Columbia Southern University. (n.d.). Login. Retrieved from ortalPla Running head: ONGOING PROJECT 1 Ongoing Project Student’s Name Institution Affiliation 2 ONGOING PROJECT Unit III Project Topic Please complete the information below based on the project you have chosen for your project plan. Project Network Diagram: Budget approval of the purchas es Hiring of the transpor tation vans and the technica l officers making purchas es of the desktop compute rs from the wholesa lers. inspecti on of the desktop compute rs and packagi ng into the vans arrival and offloadi ng of the destop compute rs at Sanford High School inspecti on of the desktop compute rs by the manage ment of the school Description of the critical path in your project: My project is estimated to take one month from start to completion. My critical path will therefore focus on how the tasks will run to completion in due time, as well as dependencies in activities. For the first three days, the financial officer will make withdrawals of the purchase money and the management will approve the budget. For the next four days, the management under the human resource officer will hire vans that will be used in transportation of the computers. The second week will begin by gathering every stakeholder in the workforce and assigning them the roles that they need to play. The end of the second week will see the purchase installati on of the desktop compute rs by the technica l team. ONGOING PROJECT 3 of the computers and thorough inspection by the technical officers to determine their suitability. The third week will be used on packaging and transporting the computers to the school. The inspection by the school management will take place during that week. The fourth week will involve setting up the computers in the students’ resource center. Description of how your project might be affected by delays in the critical path and how you could get the project back on schedule if such delays happen: The project is about delivering the desktop computers to Sanford High School, whose need to use them in their resource center is urgent. Therefore, any delays that the critical path will cause has to be rectified. Delays may result from inspection of the computers by the technical team. The computers have to be set up momentarily for the inspection. It is a long process that may take longer than one week. The delay will affect the learning of the students. To get the project on schedule, quicker packaging and delivery has to be done. This will be possible by increasing the number of technical officers and trips that a van was to make in a day. Description of project time and cost estimates and how your WBS impacts those estimates: The project is set to take a period of one month from start to completion. The cost estimate is a breakdown of the computers, that will cost about 33,600 dollars. The cost of hiring ten vans will be 4,000 dollars and the transportation cost will be 5,000 dollars, covering maintenance and fuel costs. The technical officers, 10 of them will need a total of 12,000 dollars. This is the total estimated cost of the project. Our work breakdown will impact the costs positively, as it will act as guide to do everything as per the schedule. Delays end up causing additional costs in a bid to recover lost time, by increasing the input. Work breakdown will also impact the estimates positively as it will help us plan on the challenges that we are likely to face and institute ways of overcoming them in ONGOING PROJECT 4 advance. Problems that come on the way in an impromptu manner are sometimes expensive to manage. Therefore, having a work breakdown is a win for the project as miscellaneous expensive will be accounted for. Having a work breakdown will also impact our project positively as necessary budget has been made, constituting on who should be paid what money. Therefore, the project is planned in advance such that somewhere along the way, the project does not lag behind for lack of funds to see it through. Having a work breakdown structure is therefore necessary to help us save on the costs and stick to our budget estimate strictly. 5 ONGOING PROJECT References Columbia Southern University. (n.d.). Login. Retrieved from ortalPla Running head: PROJECT 1 Project Student’s Name Institution Affiliation PROJECT 2 Question 1 Manager’s name: Kyle White Question 2 Decisiveness Every leader has to learn to make sound decisions and in time, qualify to lead a project. Leaders should avoid paralysis by analysis, where they say that no decision is a decision. Postponing work and actions end up being disastrous for any organization. Fairness To lead a project successfully, leaders should learn to treat everyone equally, notwithstanding the circumstances. Subjectivity occurs when there is no fairness, where some people may feel that they are subjects of others at work. A leader should uphold the qualities that steer the project ahead to achieve positive results. Conflicts and issues at the project level should be handled in a fair and just manner. Enthusiasm Enthusiasm enables people to follow the leader with confidence. People will always want to follow a leader that has the same characteristics as the ones he or she tells them to have. Enthusiasm in projects instills morale to the team members, which results in positive outcomes. Question 3 Project manager He is the overall head of the project. The role of the project manager is to make decisions regarding the project and the running of the activities in the project. He also implements strategies that affect the project. Assistant manager PROJECT 3 The assistant manager helps the manager in implementing strategies. He is also in charge of activities such as the recruitment of new employees to the project. He also supervises the ongoing project with the manager. Financial manager He is in charge of managing all the finances that are involved in this project. He is in charge of determining whether the project will make a profit or a loss and crafts strategies regarding the same. Procurement officer He is in charge of all in-house purchases that the project needs to go on. The procurement officer handles the checklist of what needs to be purchased so as to make the project a success. Drivers Drivers are responsible for shipping the purchased products from the retail store to the designated destination. Question 4 Hard work This trait is essential for any member of a project to be productive. One needs to know their roles and carry out their tasks and carry them out religiously. When all project members work hard, goals are achieved faster and with ease. Integrity Doing the right thing and standing for what is right is a trait that a productive project member needs. Things do not become messy when members stand with the truth and ethical behavior. Question 5 PROJECT 4 Endurance enables the leader to persevere the adversities experienced in leading a team and have a strong sense of confidence. Creativity and imagination ensure that the leader comes up with new strategies that are useful to the project he or she is heading (Argyris & Argyris, 1976). A manager must have a vast knowledge of what is happening around him so as he or she can have a good decision-making ability on issues affecting the project or company. Integrity is a trait that leaders should uphold to enable them to stand for something bigger than themselves in making decisions. Enthusiasm ensures that a leader instills principles of hard work and determination in his teams, to achieve more. A leader must practice fairness as a trait so as members of the project or company do not feel subjected to work. Decisiveness enables a leader to make bold decisions, fast, to help run the project or a company effectively. Self-awareness is a trait that every leader should possess as it enables them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to make informed decisions. Question 6 Getting team composition is the first condition of developing a high-performing team. A good team will make good decisions fast for the successful operation of a project. Focusing on the team dynamics helps in shaping the characters that one wants in a team. When members understand what they are expected to do, working together is easy. Drawing a source of inspiration for the team ensures that a team is motivated and inspired to achieve more for the company. PROJECT 5 Developing trust among the team members ensures that they will be loyal, as trust is the basic pillar of working relationships. Setting out goals for the team ensures that teams work towards a common result. This gives a sense of direction to the team. Question 7 The first strategy is meditating on the conflict. The manager must first try to resolute by using reasoning and alternative means. The manager then arbitrates on the conflict (Slabbert, 2004). The manager should impose solutions after listening to both sides of the story. The manager then controls the conflict by moves, such as adjourning the interactions until the conflicting parties find their emotional balance. The manager should then accept that some conflicts outlive the life of the project and should, therefore, suggest long-term solutions. The last strategy is eliminating the conflict by various means, such as eliminating the members involved in the conflict, where no other amicable means of reaching a solution is applicable. PROJECT 6 References Slabbert, A. D. (2004). Conflict management styles in traditional organisations. The Social Science Journal, 41(1), 83-92. Argyris, C., & Argyris, C. (1976). Increasing leadership effectiveness. New York: Wiley. Running head: ONGOING PROJECT 1 Ongoing Project John Freeman Columbia Southern University ONGOING PROJECT 2 In my ongoing project, the objective is delivering 120 desktop computers to Sanford High School. The computers are to be used in the school’s resource center where students go for their information technology studies. The projected time frame of delivering the services is in one month from the15th of October 2019. Being the project manager, I expect to finalize everything by 15th November 2019. There are several milestones to achieve to seal the deal by offering quality services and products; hence, considerations like outsourcing will be crucial in this project. Based on the project, one part the organization has to outsource is getting the complete set of desktop computers at a wholesale price from the identified dealers. The approximated cost of one desktop computer is 280 dollars. With this being a reasonable price, the total amount for the whole supply we will be an estimated 33 600 dollars. The reason for outsourcing these products from wholesale computer dealers would help in maximizing profit and enhancing shareholder value Baye et al., (2006). Another part that makes sense outsourcing is delivery vans. The project manager will be required to identify car hiring services will reasonable prices to rent five delivery vans. Based on the time factor, the number of vans in the planned prospects will offer the transport services needed. With the outsourcing of the two mentioned parts of the project, one area that stands a chance of staying on schedule is hiring vans within the first week of the strategized month. However, the part that I am concerned about staying within the program is the packaging process, transportation of the products, and inspection process by the school management. Based on the project’s plan, these activities are to take place in the third week of the month. Generally, having a thorough inspection of the computers through the collaboration of the school’s management and the company’s technicians after their installation requires adequate time. ONGOING PROJECT 3 Hence, ensuring that the clients are satisfied with the 120 delivered computers would be necessary. As a project manager, I understand that a project needs to stay within the schedule to prevent inconveniencing clients and also pave the way for other projects. Therefore, to monitor the project’s progress, developing deadlines will keep the team focused (Rosenau & Githens, 2011). Also, having report progress cards every four days from the selected team leaders will help me assess how the project is progressing. Also, through constant communication this would help me identify red flags and take strategic steps. Upon completing the project, the six wrap-up activities to be factored in the closure process are one, listing down unsettled activities. Further, creating a finalizing report that includes feedback from stakeholders is the other step. According to Rosenau and Githens (2011), this activity allows the project team to learn the mistakes and identify solutions for future reference. The third aspect is ensuring that all costs are accounted for, and the closing contracts are signed with the clients and suppliers. The fourth aspect is signing off resources used during the project to prevent inconveniences. The fifth consideration is communicating with key stakeholders that the projected has been finalized. The last wrap up activity is celebrating the achieved milestones. In conclusion, having a properly planned project and encouraging open communication with the team members would help in meeting the set objectives and meeting the client’s expectations. Additionally, providing strategic directions to the team members and developing reasonable timelines is another measure that would assist in completing the project in the objected timeframe. Generally, involving the team during the project planning process would motivate them to take the activities seriously, thus leading to successful project completion. ONGOING PROJECT 4 Reference Baye, M. R., Prince, J., & Squalli, J. (2006). Managerial economics and business strategy (Vol. 5). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Rosenau, M. D., & Githens, G. D. (2011). Successful project management: a step-by-step approach with practical examples. John Wiley & Sons. ...
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Final Answer

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Desktop Computer Deliveries and Supplies.
Project Manager: Kyle White | Presenter Name:

Project Goals/Expected Benefits
• Purchase quality 120 desktop computers
• Timely delivery to Sanford High Sch.
• Successful installation and operations
• Benefits
• Make profits and expand business

• Improve high school computer literacy

Project Milestones
• Hire 5 delivery vans
• Timely purchase and delivery.
• Secure installation.
• Positive review from client

No. Item



120 Desktop Computers



10 Van hire



10 Computer Technician...

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