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Imagine you are a team of HR generalists assigned to one of the five locations of a local fast food restaurant in your city. The owner has challenged you to create a new performance review.

Research different types of performance reviews and create TWO 190 word review forms that managers can use with their employees. Most teams create the forms in Microsoft Word or in an Excel spreadsheet.

Include the following components:

  • Competencies
  • Performance requirements
  • Engagement for two different types of employees (e.g. cooks, counter workers, drive-through, supervisors)

Explain why each of the questions that you included would be relevant based upon your research:.

  • Competencies (Approx 130 words)
  • Performance requirements (Approx 130 words)
  • Engagement for two different types of employees (e.g. cooks, counter workers, drive-through, supervisors) (Approx 130 words)

Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines. Also, please make sure to include an introduction and a conclusion.

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Final Answer


1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion
4. Reference

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Employee Performance Review
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Employee Performance Review
Different types of performance reviews can be used by business managers to evaluate the
performance of their employees. The employee performance review methods are included within
the company’s operations to regularly provide feedback to the management based on the formal
routine evaluations. The types of employee performance reviews include self-evaluation,
behavioral checklist, 360-Degree Feedback, Management of objectives, and rating scale
(Dall’Ora et al., 2016). The self-evaluation method involves making the employees evaluate
themselves based on their performance in consideration of the predetermined criteria. The selfevaluation review method is too subjective to reflect the job performance since employees can
create too high or too low ratings compared to the employee-employer evaluations.
The behavioral checklist is another performance review method that concerns with
employees’ behavioral evaluations before receiving a favorable review. The 360-degree
feedback method provides a detailed and comprehensive look at the worker’s performance by
acquiring feedback from external sources. The technique can be used by managers to critically
rate the employee’s routine job based on the technical skills in addition to receiving input from
direct reports, peers, and non-direct supervisors who interact with the employee. Management by
objectives method ropes the worker into a goal-setting approach. The manager and the employer
can capably agree on different attainable objectives with a created deadline. The technique can
easily define the workers’ failures and successes. The rating scale review method involves the
grading system based on the employer-developed criteria, including behaviors, competencies,
traits, and completed projects by the employee (Dall’Ora et al., 2016).



Based on the considered employee performance review methods, it i...

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