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find a current event about the drug of the week that highlights something currently going on in society. This media can be an article from an academic journal, newspaper, news agency, magazine, or reliable Internet website. It can also be a television news clip, video, anti-drug commercial, etc. Current events must show or deal with something educational about the drug, or give us a good picture of the impact this drug has on society.

Media must be current, 2014 to present.

along with a brief summary of your current events media, you at least 2 discussion questions after for the class to discuss

must also complete the current events in the folder attached

I have also attached an example of what the current events assignment should look like as well.

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Snapshot Current Events Media Template Criteria Topic: Article/Media Title (if applicable): Link: Summary of Current Event: How does this current event show/illustrate the impact the drug has on society? What age group do you feel this media is most appropriate for? Response Link: https://www.addictionhope.com/hallucinogens/hallucinogen-abuse-by-collegestudents/ This article was about the use of hallucinogens among college students. It talked about how college is a time for many young adults to be on their own and experience new things. College students are very vulnerable to drug addiction and drug abuse. Some of the reasons for this mentioned in the article are due to stress from juggling school work, social obligations, and work. This can be a big change for a lot of people, especially if they have never lived away from home. A student's environment and the people they choose to hangout with can have an effect on drug use as well. Hallucinogens are among the common drugs used within college ages students. This may be due to the club/rave/party scene on some college campuses. Hallucinogens are mind altering drugs that work directly on the central nervous system. There can be mild to severe symptoms when using hallucinogens and when mixed with other drugs, medications, or alcohol can even be fatal. 1. Why do you think college students may turn to hallucinogens over other types of drugs? 2. Do you think college students think about the consquences of using these types of drugs before taking them or do you think they know about the consequences and take them anyway? ...
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Outline: Impacts of hallucinogen

Thesis: This paper is a discussion on an article that describes the impacts of hallucinogen

Snapshot Current Events Media Template
Article/Media Title
(if applicable):


Impacts of hallucinogen
News article


Summary of
Current Event:
Impacts of hallucinogen
Hallucinogens are found to be drugs that are used by the
mind top cause hallucinations on it stimulants usually are used
by humans to enthuse the mid and to make it function
abnormally. They typically make the body have a change in a
healthy way of behavior and how it operates. It is, t...

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