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Please go through the attached Case Study.

Create a detailed response as a proposal you will submit to your boss considering all the points which needs to be covered a s a part of the document.

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Imagine that your boss requested a proposal on how collaboration can be improved in your organization. (If you prefer not to use your current organization as an example, you can use a previous organization you have worked or participated in, including volunteer organizations.) You have started learning about enterprise social media and other technology-assisted collaboration tools and would like to consider how these technology tools can improve and strengthen collaboration in your organization. Consider the following aspects of organizational collaboration and technology that assists us with collaboration in your proposal:  What are the current, most common ways to collaborate in your organization?  Does most of the collaboration occur in face-to-face situations or with the assistance of technology (such as email, web meetings, discussion forums, document repositories, instant messaging/chats, video calls, and enterprise social media)?  What technology tools are available for collaboration in your organization and which of these tools are commonly used?  Can you envision how collaborative processes can be improved – both through process improvement and through better use of technology?  What changes in work processes will drive better collaboration and increased efficiencies for the organization?  Do you think existing collaborative technology tools you already have available in the organization can play a significant part in improving collaboration? If so, explain how the tools can help. If not, explain why you think the tools cannot help with improving collaboration.  Are there additional technological collaboration tools your organization can invest in, that can be part of the process to improve collaboration?  If you could invest in only one additional technological collaboration tool, what would it be, and what is the value you expect it to bring to your organization’s collaboration?  What do you expect to be some of the challenges in introducing this new collaborative tool and getting everyone to incorporate it into their work processes? How can you plan to address these challenges? Create your response as a proposal you will submit to your boss. Document the current collaborative approaches in your organization. Provide a new strategy that will address current issues and aim to provide improvement to organizational collaboration. Explain the potential risks as well as pros and cons of your strategy. Format your response as an APA paper and include a bibliography with references/sources you have consulted in preparing your proposal. ...
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IT Importance of Planning- Case Study
Course Code:
November 22, 2019




The paper will focus on the current collaboration techniques in the organizations and the
new strategies that will address the issues within the organization.
Current Collaboration in the Organization
1. Ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the organization desires.
This is done through ensuring that the workers have the ability to Our workers, from deals
through assembling, have the ability to stop any request to guarantee exactness and quality. Each
colleague they are similarly responsible for consumer loyalty.
2. Cultivating an imaginative climate.
Help the colleagues to address and conceptualize in a non-critical system. this helps the group to
see whatever things that might be obstructing them from achieving the very best. They should
enquire on why the Inquire as to why, or why not, all the time. One way we develop an
imaginative air at my organization is by giving initiative preparing that empowers character
improvement (Laudon & Laudon, 2016).
How does the collaboration occur?
It occurs during face to face interactions and also through the interactions on the social media
platform such as emailing system and also the use of interdepartmental memos.
Collaborative Tools
Collaborative tools allude to apparatuses and frameworks intended to more readily
encourage bunch work, both in-office and remote.



❖ Teamwork.
❖ Conferencing programming enables at least two people to speak with one another
progressively, utilizing Internet-based or cloud-based stages. Conferencing programming
enables that equivalent gathering of individuals to see a bound together screen. It's this
subsequent part recognizing conferencing innovation from sheer correspondences
innovation. Contingent upon the product utilized, conferencing innovation takes into
account everybody to get to, make changes and work on the bound together screen at the
same time or for a solitary moderator to control screen developments and capacities, for
example, during an introduction.
❖ Coordination Technology
Coordination innovation balances the three primary sorts of communitarian
programming. Seemingly the most comprehensive of synergistic instruments,
coordination programming is intended to incorporate both cooperation and responsibility
capacities. At the end of the day, they enable people and gatherings to associate
relationally just as arrange work assignments and exercises — making start to finish work
process the executives less complex, unsoiled and progressively proficient (Elkadiri et
New Strategies
How can Collaborative process be improved in the Organization?
To improve process the executive’s choices, utilizing inward information through
community oriented gathering sessions is a superior wagered. Not exclusively will you
have the option to assemble all the more commonly advantageous thoughts, however the



comprehensiveness of the communitarian sessions will diminish opposition, improving
your acknowledgment rates upon rollout. This can be done through the following:
❖ Making web-based conceptualizing networks. Making an online network makes
cooperation helpful, not an issue for workers. This permits conveyed groups from all over
to be reachable, guaran...

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