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You work as a communication specialist at Warby Parker, reporting to co-CEO David Gilboa. Using the skills you’ve been practicing in this course, respond to this challenge:

You’re helping Gilboa prepare a report about the company. Gilboa characterizes the report as a “public business plan,” in that it will discuss the company and its objectives, strategies, and operations without disclosing the sort of confidential international that a typical business plan includes. The target audience includes potential investors, employees, and business partners.

To help overcome shoppers’ reluctance to buy eyewear online, Warby Parker offers Home Try-On, in which people can order five pairs of frames, keep them for five days a no costs, then decide which pair they would like to order. This gives shoppers lots of time to try on the frames they are considering and get the options of family and friends.

On the job (Internal, Unsolicited Proposal): Write a 2-3 page internal proposal to your boss or supervisor. Select one of the topics below listed as A-D, and make sure to include it as one of your headings. Remember to include additional headings or sub-headings for each section in the proposal that explain this program- i.e. Background, Solution, Recommendation. Make sure to correctly identify and analyze your audience, as well as any possible secondary audiences. Usually, the person to whom you submit your proposal is in a position to order the implementation of the change recommended.

  1. Home Try-On: Making online shopping even better than in-store shopping
  2. Home-Try On: Our tried and true way to eliminate the risk of buying eyewear online
  3. Home Try-On: Now you can try on five frames in the comfort of your own home
  4. Home Try-On: How we can reduce a major perceived risk in the Warby business mode

***Ill attach screenshots of the case below along with the book guideline for a proposal. Let me know if you need any more info

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14 Planning Reports and Proposals COMMUNICATION CLOSE-UP AT Warby Parker When a company sets out to disrupt an entire industry, it's not surprising that its communication efforts don't follow all the old rules, either

Florida International University Ch 14 Planning Reports and Proposals Paper
Florida International University Ch 14 Planning Reports and Proposals Paper
Florida International University Ch 14 Planning Reports and Proposals Paper
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Home Try-On: Now you can try on Five Frames in the Comfort of your Own Home
There is a need to come up with a public report that will analyze the objectives,
strategies, and operations of Warby Parker. In coming up with this plan, it will be essential to
look at the ways of overcoming shopper’s reluctance to buy eyewear online. There will be a
need to develop ideas that will help the company come up with a strategy that will serve to meet
the customer's needs. It is as well essential that the public business plan focuses on ways of
ensuring that the buyers get to be served on time and are comfortable with how the company
runs its operations.
Warby Parker is a company t...

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