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CMGT400 University of Phoenix WK5 Secure Staging Environment Design HW

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  1. A software engineer designs, develop, tests, and evaluates the software and the systems that allow computers to execute their applications.
    Take on the role of Software Engineer for the organization you selected in Week 1.
    Use the technical guide template to create a 3- to 4-page Secure Staging Environment Design and Coding Technique Standards Technical Guide for the organization you chose.
    Research and include the following:
    • Design a secure staging environment for your organization
    • Diagram your staging environment
    • Include descriptions for each object in your environment
    • Create a secure coding technique/quality and testing standard for your organization covering the following secure coding techniques:
    • Proper error handling
    • Proper input validation
    • Normalization
    • Stored procedures
    • Code signing
    • Encryption
    • Obfuscation/camouflage
    • Code reuse/dead code
    • Server-side vs. client-side execution and validation
    • Memory management
    • Use of third-party libraries and ADKs
    • Data exposure
    • Code quality and testing
    • Automation
    • Static code analyzers
    • Dynamic analysis (e.g. fuzzing)
    • Stress testing
    • Sandboxing
    • Model verification

    Submit the assignment.

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Week 5 Assignment
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Secure staging is vital in an organization's software development. Debbie (2018) explains
that the staging environment is the same as the product development process. It would be hard to
differentiate between the staging environment and the final product. The staging environment
helps in testing the software which has been developed. This process is available in the testing
and evaluation process for where the software is tested and evaluated. Plesky (2018) states that
software should be sent to a staging environment after it has been tested or run for almost more
than six months. We are going to create a secure staging environment design and a coding
technique standards technical guide for an organization.
Design a secure staging environment for your organization
A secure staging environment should include four environments. They are:
Development environment. The developers create or develop an application meant to
perform a specific job in this environment. The developers will change the management or
control of the software or application in this environment. The developers hand over the control
to the individuals the organization's tasks to control the software or application.
Testing environment. This environment provides a platform for the software to be tested
thoroughly to establish if there are any bugs or malfunctions. The software is also tested on the
hardware it will run on to determine if it will run and run smoothly without downtimes.
Staging environment. In this environment, the results of the testing process will be
corrected. It will be a repetition of the production process, but in this case, it will only be fixing
any problems encountered during the testing process.



Production environm...

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