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• Choose one article in the Readings in Philosophy textbook and answer the three questions at the end of that article. If there are more than three questions to an article, you just need to answer three.

• Remember that a copy of this textbook is available at the library reserve on the SJC Central campus for a two-hour in-library checkout.

• Do not submit a paper that you wrote for another class.

• Do not wait until the night before the assignment is due to get started. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed.

• While you are free to read what other commentators have said about an article, I would like to read your interpretation/understanding of it.

• It is not necessary to cite an external article, as this is an assignment on reading comprehension and argument evaluation. However, feel free to quote or cite a reputable academic article, journal, or book, if you like, to support your argument. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are examples of websites that contain academically reputable articles on philosophical topics (and the articles are free to access). Articles from other websites may be acceptable, but make sure you evaluate the trustworthiness of your online sources just like you would a print source.

• Watch your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

• Mechanics:

o Include a title page with the name of article that you will be analyzing, class (e.g., “PHIL 1301.701”), your name, my name, semester, and the date. o Number and rewrite the questions that you will be answering.

o Times New Roman font (12 size)

o Double-spaced

o One inch margins

o Four to Six pages (or as close to the four page minimum as possible)

o Use of first person “I” is acceptable

o MLA or Chicago system of citation (if applicable)

• Grading Criteria: o How well did you understand the article, especially the main points that the author was trying to convey? o Did you summarize the author’s arguments in a way that was fair to him or her before criticizing it? o Are your answers clear and well-organized? o Did you answer the question fully? o Did you follow instructions?

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Assisted Suicide
What Ronald Dworkin meant by “Liberty Interest Is Protected by the Due Process
The statement by Dworkin simply means that the due process clause of the fourth
amendment underscores the liberty of interest by defining such liberties as fundamental rights
that have been historically respected by the tradition and basic values of the United States. The
administration of justice, which would result in the protection of liberties of individuals, should,
therefore, be subjected to a due process that ensures all prohibited actions and decisions are not
used to harm an individual (Dworkin, Ronald, et al. 288). Since the fourth amendment demands
that the state must follow the due process before depriving a citizen his liberties, it means that the
liberties would only be protected when the state observes both substantive and procedural due
process to ensure that the civil and criminal proceedings against individuals are adhered due to
protect the liberties. The liberty interests are also protected by the prohibition against laws that
could turn out to be vague and unconstitutional while at the same time incorporating the bills of
rights to the protection of liberties. Dworkin, therefore, implies that the liberties can only be
protected when the legal procedures are applied evenhandedly to prevent abstract subjection of
individuals to the government machinery (Dworkin, Ronald, et al. 288).
Dworkin’s argument that the “Casey and Cruzan”...

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