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Isabel Sawhill’s 1999 article titled “Still the Land of Opportunity.” Public Interest 135 (spring) and answer the following Qs:

1) Summarize the key points the author makes in the article.

2) Next, do you think the US is still the land of opportunity? Why or Why not?

3) What do you think would be the response of a) an immigrant as opposed to b) non-immigrant (native-born) to the same question? Overall, do you think America is still the land of opportunity? Why or Why not?Does place of birth make a difference in your response to this question

4) What about responses by gender, and Americans from different racial/ethnic background

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Article Analysis
Summary of main points in Still the Land of Opportunity?
Isabel Sawhill expounds on discrimination in the U.S. by probing the concept of opportunity,
the level of economic and social mobility, the confines of meritocracy and appropriate measures that
will guarantee equal opportunity. The writer orates that America should focus more on equal
opportunity to enhance the success of every citizen and less on income distribution. U.S. society
should deal with genetic endowments and a variety of early family surrounding to offer all children
an equal opportunity for success.
The focus on equal opportunity is a fundamental tenet that is deeply rooted in American
history and American culture (Sawhill, 1999). Isabel postulates that American society has unequal
distribution of income, thus require public consensus to address the causes and symptoms of
inequality. She continues to say that the United States is a mixture of three societies which include
meritocracy, fortune-cookie and class-stratified societies. The majority of citizens believe
meritocracy is the best since it has rules that yield just and remarkable social efficiency. In this
regard, the American public embraces significan...

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