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The assignment has three (3) questions. Each question is worth ten (10) marks. Each question may be answered in approximately 150 to 200 words. Support your answers with appropriate examples, wherever possible. Quality of your answers is of critical importance, not the number of words used. Answers MUST be in your own words. You must understand that plagiarism is an offence and will be seriously dealt with as per college policies and may result in a failing grade


1. Identify an example of someone you think of as a good leader (currently or in the past). What traits did he or she have? How did these traits differ from those in someone you identify as a bad leader?

2. Identify a situation when you were in a leadership position (in a group, in the workplace, within your family, etc.). To what extent were you able to use a contingency approach to leadership? What made that easier or more difficult for you?

3. When you have worked in student groups, how frequently have leaders emerged in the groups? What difficulties occur when leaders are leading peers? Are there ways to overcome these difficulties?

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Organizational Behavior Assignment
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Question 1
I think of Bill Gates as a good leader. During his leadership, he had a number of traits
that made him one of the most admired business leaders of the United States. First, he was caring
about people. While he has been consistently listed as one of the world’s richest people, Bill
Gates is also one of the world’s most prolific giver to philanthropic causes today. However, his
caring attitude was more evident in the workplace, since he always provided his employees with
the best possible opportunity to obtain success if they required it. The second character trait
pertained to creativity. Bill Gates always encouraged himself along with his employees to
embrace creativ...

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